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Understanding Head Body Language

Did you know that the way a person’s head moves or is positioned also says something about what he or she is feeling or thinking in a given moment? The concept of head body language is as factual as with other body languages and observing the way a person moves his or head can help you figure out if a date’s interested at what you are saying or if a business meeting will be successful.

  • Lowering: The mind knows that the neck is one of the most vulnerable spots of the human body and it is always alert when it comes to the possibility of it getting severed. While this may seem exaggerated, a person subconsciously protects its neck from threats through lowering its head and covering it using the chin. Hence when a person visibly does this, it is probable that the person is uncomfortable being or interacting with the individual he or she speaking with. On the other hand, if you see a girl walking towards you with her head lowered but is making eye contact with you then it is safe to translate that as her being submissive to you and is interested at you. Then again, a person lowering his or her head after an afternoon exercise regimen might just be exhausted.Portrait of thinking young man
  • Tilting: A friend was playing this certain strategic trading card game; the opponent was already at a low life the same as he was. He was contemplating if his opponent had an answer to his lone creature which was enough to finish the game because if he’s opponent was holding a removal for his attacker then he is dead on board. After a while, my friend attacked and won the game after seeing his opponent tilt his head to a side. So what is the connection? A person tilting their head is a sign that they are uncertain of something or not confident. However, there are times that this is also translated as a flirtatious gesture especially if you are interacting with a girl and talking about a subject.
  • Neutral/Still: If your superior is speaking with you and or your love one with his or her head in a neutral position then you should focus on what they are saying because chances are, they are serious with what they are saying and they want a truthful or serious answer or response from you with regard to a particular subject.

These are some of the more common body languages of the head that can help you figure out if the other person is actually listening to you or is on your side or not. Just imagine if you could master interpreting the different body languages out there!

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