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Body Language Tricks that will Make Anyone Like You

Smiling businesswoman in the officeAction definitely speaks louder than words as it captures everybody’s attention even without speaking a word. Mostly, people will create their first impression upon you on your first meeting and sometimes that will never change as the saying goes “first impressions last”.

For this reason, you have to create a very good impression when you first meet because you get only one chance when you are engaged in a job interview. The opinion of other person towards you will be based upon your appearance, body language, attitude and mannerisms.

Below are body language tips to help you catch the attention of everyone, especially the one you are talking to.

  • Appearance

First and foremost, people will look at how you present yourself through the way you dress. By looking first on your physical appearance, people can form already their opinion of you. This does not mean you have to look fabulous like a celebrity but wearing a neat and appropriate outfit, a good haircut or tidy make up will make a very positive impression.

Body language

Your body language is one of the most important factors that will create an impression. Your hands, legs, head, facial expressions, and body gestures are very much noticeable so be careful about the way you act. Avoid extra and unnecessary movements during the conversation and focus your attention only on the one you are talking to. Paying full attention most likely creates a good impression because the opposite person thinks you are very much interested in what he is saying. Avoid mannerisms like scratching your head, face, or nose, crossing your arms on your chest and putting your chin over your hand. These mannerisms convey negative impressions like being boastful, uncertain, tensed and worried which means you are not comfortable with the conversation. Having a constant eye contact with the opposite person from the beginning until the end of conversation creates a smart and attentive notion.


Your outlook and aura reflect your attitude. When you first meet a person be confident and approachable but don’t show too much confidence because it conveys a boastful attitude. Try wearing a smile, not too much, but smiling most of the time during your conversation projects a positive and friendly attitude. Be courteous and respectful towards the person you are talking to. Don’t forget to use the appropriate salutation towards the opposite person.


Bearing these tips in mind will definitely catch the attention of others.

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