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5 Secrets Of Body Language That Every Entrepreneur Should Understand

A lot of people take the idea of body language for granted. The thing is that being aware of the different body languages and knowing how to read and interpret them can make a big difference especially when it comes to business.

If you are an entrepreneur and you aspire to be successful in your business then you should keep the following rules in mind:

  • Be Still: Refrain from moving too much when you are in a business meeting. This includes movements such as fidgeting, or shaking your legs or playing with your hair or accessory in your person. Doing so signifies that you are disinterested in the conversation and or you are nervous and lacking confidence. Even if you are uncertain of what you are saying, try to be still when speaking so that your audience will still take you seriously. Try not to be too tensed or stiff as well because this may be seen as being nervous or anxious.
  • Lean Forward: There is nothing wrong in being relaxed in a business meeting but if you tend to slouch or lean back where you are sitting, people are unlikely to take you seriously. If you want to show to your audience that you are really serious and professional with regard to the topic at hand then try to lean forward while still being relaxed.
  • Folded Hands: People tend to interpret folded hands as being defensive in a way that you are not being receptive to what the other person is doing. If in case you have a habit of folding your hands and is not necessarily a subconscious behavior of you being defensive then what you can do is to place your hands on your knees with your palms opened.

Hands on Pocket

  • Pocketed Hands: There are also occasions where people tend to put their hands inside their pockets and while this may not always necessarily mean anything, you may want to refrain from doing this when you are conducting business with another person or when you are being interviewed. This is often interpreted as a sign of having disorganized thoughts by people in the business industry.


  • Do Not Stare Too Much: It is good practice to look at your audiences in the eye to ensure that you get their attention and to show confidence in yourself however overdoing it can have an opposite effect. Try not to stare too long in a person’s eyes because this can be unsettling. If you are going to move away your eyes from one person to another, you can do so in a gradual manner and do it by moving your eyes either to the left or the right.

Having a successful business is not limited to the number of sales at the end of the day and effectively utilizing body language can make a big difference.

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