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Mentalist Ehud Segev Performs With Montel Williams And Sylvia Browne

The mentalist Ehud Segev, The Mentalizer, has won many hearts around the world with his mind blowing performances, and wonderful display of energy. Will he keep continuing with his skills of mysticism? What is it that inspired him to become a mentalizer and how did he realize he had these skills?

He answers all these questions soon after Montel Williams invites Mr. Ehud Segev on his show along with Sylvia Brown, the renowned psychic. The mentalizer is just too fast and impatient to share with the audience the secret of controlling our minds, and understanding varied energy levels, which shows how well he is attuned to the cosmic energy. Whatever we have in abundance, we must share. Is that the message?

Montel asks Ehud how he got to know he was so different, to which Ehud answers lightly, “Well, it’s like when everybody looks at you and says how weird you are.” That’s the spontaneous humor of Ehud. Ehud remembers possessing special qualities since he was a child, but says his teacher thought he needed to be put in a special school because she thought he was deaf…. And why, Ehud says it was because he would stare at everybody and observe them closely, and the more he did he understood them better.

Even as a child, Mr. Ehud recalls he noticed the hidden connection between all humans. A common universal energy that connects all human minds and binds them together, which made him, realize he could win him a lot of friends. He proves a simple connection of energies not only between humans, but also between human minds and external matter by simple display of bending cutlery with mind power.

The significance of universal connection is reaching us, but how do we interpret it, how do we learn from him? There are a lot of questions which may arise in the mind of the spectator, and surely Mr. Ehud’s skills are the seeds of thought to the receptive minds.

Interestingly, Montel calls upon Sarah Beth, and Ehud demonstrates a skill known as, “the strong connection”. Sylvia and Sarah stand facing each other with an approximate distance of two to three feet. He requests Sarah to close her eyes and feel where he is touching her. But, the interesting part is, he doesn’t touch Sarah at all, and places his finger on Sylvia’s nose. He then asks Sarah if she felt something, and she was affirmative, that he felt a tickle on her nose. Ehud does the same again by touching Sylvia’s forehead and chin, and Sarah with her eyes closed tight feels his touch in the same places.

A demonstration which may feel like a magic to fool the lay man to make money, an act which could be too small for the naked eyes that see. Mr. Ehud finally displays his trick by bending the spoon and breaks its spine, while he asks Montel to focus on his thoughts. The show ends with one final display on Times Square, “Montel. The word you picked is….Glory!” Yes, Ehud is, That!


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