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Activities that will Help You Gain Confidence

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Not everyone is blessed with self-confidence. There are those who are smart and knowledgeable enough but could express because they are afraid or shy to say so. Due to the lack of self confidence, they do not want to be spotted in a spotlight or exposed to the crowd. They always want to stay in their comfort zone wherein no one can notice them.

Without confidence you seem to be incapable of handling life’s challenges. There is always something you are afraid to do because you lack confidence. Confident people can go with any venture. They can talk to all levels of society.

If you identify with those who lack confidence, try these simple tips to build-up your confidence.

  • List all your weaknesses

Your weaknesses are the primary reasons why you are shy, anxious, or uncertain of things. You are afraid to express a body language because you feel the crowd may laugh at you. Knowing your weakest points in life and trying to improve it will make a big difference. Conquering your fears in life is a big step in building your self-confidence. Do not be afraid if people laugh at you. Be determined to reach your goal which is to change your weaknesses into your strength, no matter what happens.

  • Go with active people

Another way to boost your confidence is to look for a company that could influence you to be active, talkative and funny. If you are with this kind of people, you will notice you are slowly joining them in laughing, in singing and dancing and doing fun activities without hesitation. It’s like in performing solo and performing in group. It’s much harder to do it alone than doing it with a group.

  • Increase your knowledge

In order to overcome your incompetence, increase your knowledge and abilities. This way you'd be prepared to catch or answer anything that comes your way. You can immediately think of solutions to cover up your mess. And finally, you can stand and fight for what you believe in because you have that knowledge inside of you, that pushes you to say what you feel is right.

  • Smile

A smile is just a small thing but an effective part of body language to express that you are confident. It’s a two way action; assuring yourself that you can do it and showing everyone that you are good and you can do it. You don’t have to say anything, just throw a smile and everybody will surely understand it.

These are just simple tips to boost your confidence. Always think positively and believe that you can!

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