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The mentalist and the mayor

Things got a little bent out of shape at Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent Chanukah party at The Jewish Museum.

Or at least this spoon held by His Honor did, during a performance by Ehud Segev, aka The Mentalizer.

Segev says “supernatural abilities” allow him to bend metal using telekinesis, a trick first pioneered by another Israeli, Uri Geller.

A native of Safed, Israel, the birthplace of Kabbalah, Segev, 25, has been performing since he was 13, and just completed a string of national TV and press appearances in India.

Beginning Dec. 30, he'll be starring in a reprise of his one-man, Off Broadway production at Theatre Row, “The Mentalizer Show”, which includes tricks involving not only bent spoons but flying credit cards, exploding light bulbs, and “mind-reading.” Proceeds go to charity.

No words on whether the mayor, who'll soon face re-election, picked up any pointers on how to bend the will of his political rivals.

Photo by Mayor's Press Office
Text by Adam Dickter

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