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Social Benefits of Laughter

Laughter, like yawn, is very contagious. The sound of a crispy laughter even without knowing what’s the funny thing is very much infectious just like the chuckle of a baby.

group of smiling friends outdoors sitting in parkLaughter, as most people say, is the best medicine (and a free one!) because of the priceless benefits it can bring to one’s health. It boosts immune system, improves the function of blood vessels and relaxes the body to relieve stress.

It is not only good to one’s health but also has lots of social and mental benefits. The following are the fascinating social and mental benefits of laughing.

  • Enhances your rapport and relationship

Laughter is one of the most effective parts of body language for strengthening  and keeping a happy relationship. It generates positive feelings that make an energizing mood that combats stress, disappointment and misunderstandings. Shared laughter creates a favorable bond among a group. A humorous person in a group is more likely to be remembered as funny, and bringing joy and energy to the group. Laughing, especially with a group, indicates acceptance, sends out good vibes, and boosts good interactions with one another. Laughter undoubtedly binds people on most difficult times.

  • Sharpens the mind

In a psychological research conducted in Marquette University, a group of people were to read a list of words. Some of them were shown a funny video. It’s amazing that those who watched the funny video were able to recall 20% more words than those who hadn’t had a laugh break. It was perceived that laughter boosts the heartbeat, enabling more oxygen to go up in the brain. It is believed that this could sharpen the memory.

  • Makes you feel younger

Laughing creates a good and energizing mood. When a person is always in a good mood, he/she views each perspective in life positively. An optimistic person knows how to avoid stress that invites free radicals in our body which causes various diseases. A happy and optimistic person feels younger. Although the age is advanced, the face, body and energy are still feeling young.

Integrating humor in our daily communications can enhance lasting relationships—with our husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, family, co-workers, and friends. Make time to laugh with others because it is better than laughing alone. Go and watch a funny movie, hangout in a comedy bar with your friends, share jokes or funny experiences, goof with children and/or any other funny activities.

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