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The body language of love – 7 ways people say ‘I Love You’ without uttering a word

Up to 90% of human communication is non-verbal, and people are always expressing love without saying ‘I Love You’. Actually, research says that when it comes to romantic situations, nonverbal communication can jump up to 99%. In this brief post, we’ll focus on the body language of love.

1.      Mirroring your action

So, you put your fingers around your cup of coffee, and so does he (or she). When you take a sip, they follow suit.  As couples unconsciously fall in love, their bodies follow suit. They just can’t hide it. Mirroring behavior is one of the strongest courtship rituals that even animals use.

2.      Locked eyes

There’s a subconscious link between eye contact and emotional link. In average situations, people will feel a compelling urge to break a gaze after just a few seconds. But when people like each other, they hold the gaze longer and often they’re not even aware of it. On the contrary, people make less eye contact when they disagree, or when they feel intimidated or dislike each other.

3.      Should shrugs or rolls

Shoulders happen to be one of the most expressive body parts. Rolling a shoulder is a gesture of flirtatiousness, or attention. Thanks to their smooth skin, rounded shape, and mobility, shoulders happen to be one of the most expressive parts of the body, and people often tend to just let them do the talking.

4.      Sitting close by

Sitting close by is a body language of love. People in love nearly cannot help the strong urge to be physically proximate to their subject of affection. When you are drawn to an individual, the body knows it, and will talk before any words of love are exchanged.

5.      Head tilting

When talking, pay close attention to your listener. Do they tilt their head either right or left? In body language of friendship, head tilting is a way of fostering rapport. But in courtship, it reads as flirtatiousness. A tilted head adds both immediacy and warmth to your dialogue. Like the other aspects of body language, we’ve covered in this article, these simple cues say a lot about your emotions.

6.      The finger caress

The light, casual touch on the forearm, shoulder, or back of the head, subconsciously registers as reassurance and warmth. The brain’s emotional centers do register touch much quicker compared to auditory input. Touch comes across the board as a sign of inclusion.

7.      A warm smile

Nothing warms a heart as easily as a genuine smile. Also referred to as a ‘Zygomatic smile’, this is the kind that cannot be faked, and that’s produced purely by emotions. Mouth corners curve upwards while the eye’s outer corners wrinkle into a crow’s feet. You can always tell whether it’s genuine by paying attention to the eyes, which tend to be more tightly crinkled (in a genuine smile).

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