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Body Language Tricks To Make Anyone Instantly Like You

It is always a great feeling to know that people like and admire you. It makes you feel more confident and increases your self-esteem.

Though it may appear to be rocket science for a lot of people, being conscious of the different body languages and how they influence other’s perception of you can make a big difference. By knowing how and when to apply the following body languages, you can increase the chances of a person liking you.

Smile - Body LanguageSmile: This is perhaps one of the most common gestures that you can exhibit to make people like you. The funny thing though is that while people are aware of this fact, not everyone is able to effectively apply this and sometimes even underestimate its effectiveness in terms of building rapport with different people. The trick to making people like you more through smiling is by not smiling right away when you see someone. Doing so would make it appear that you are smiling at the other people in your line of sight. Take a moment to look at the person’s face and then give a warm and responsive smile along with your eyes. This is more convincing than smiling right away just because you know that it is more advisable to smile. 

Eyes: When you are conversing with someone, make sure that you look them in the eye and in case you have to look away, do it slowly. Even if the other person is already finished talking, do not break eye contact right away. Also, counting the other person’s blinks gives the other person a feeling of respect and admiration to you. When it comes to a group of individuals, make it a point to occasionally take a glance at the person you are most interested in regardless of who is speaking. Doing so will make that person feel that you are genuinely interested in them. However, do not overdo this because this can potentially have an opposite effect and can make the recipient of the gesture uncomfortable. 

Fidgeting: This behavior can definitely turn off people around you since it is interpreted as being nervous or anxious. When engaged with a conversation regardless if it is with one person or a group of people refrain from making any unnecessary movements. Refrain from wiggling, scratching, shaking your leg or anything similar. Keep eye contact with your recipient and lessen any unnecessary gestures. Doing so increases your credibility and your likeability. 

These are some of the common body language that you should learn to effectively display when you are interacting with people. By making this gestures a habit, you will eventually express them more naturally which will give a positive impression on your audience and would make them like you more.

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