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Body Language Secrets: Meaning of Leg Movements

Like with other body parts, the legs play an important role for the human body and serves as the human body’s mode of transportation to other places and in performing feats that require the legs’ contribution.. But did you know that the legs are also a means for a person to convey his or her message in a subtle manner?

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  • Standing: When a person stands, try taking note of how he or she stands. Are the person’s legs apart from each other? Are the feet pointing to a specific direction? Are the legs not open and leaves only a small space in between? Each of these has their own meaning. If a person’s legs are each positioned parallel to the person’s shoulders then he or she is trying to assert dominance, especially if he is making a speech or presentation. On the other hand, if you see your date with her legs too close together then she is guarding herself or may not be comfortable being with you. A neutral or balanced position of the legs can mean that the person is relaxed or is prepared for any assault, physical or verbal or anything similar. Either case, the person in such a position is being cautious. If you see a person with one of his legs in front then he or she has taken a ready stance and is being extra careful from losing his or her balance.
  • Sitting: If you see a person sitting and his or her legs have ample space in between then it means that they are relaxed and comfortable in their current mental or emotional state. At the same time, a person who sits in a way in which his or her genitals are exposed (while wearing clothing of course) can mean that the other person is exhibiting sexual intentions or is sexually inclined at the moment. If a person sits with both his and her legs tightly together then they are probably anxious. Of course, they could just be feeling cold unless you are fully aware that the ventilation is average.
  • Crossed: A person who has his or her legs crossed may either mean that they are feeling anxious or uncomfortable. If you see the other person’s ankles crossed with the legs tucked under the chair then it is probable that they do not want to show the anxiety that they are experiencing. On the other hand, if you see a girl across the room looking at you and then motions to cross their legs, or with their lower legs falling close together, not to mention that they have their legs exposed (probably because they are wearing a miniskirt) then it can be interpreted as sexually suggestive and may possibly interested at you.

Is it not amusing that even the legs has its own way of expressing your subconscious or what you are experiencing emotionally or mentally? Body language as a subject is really interesting and you can learn a lot from a person’s mental or emotional state simply by observing their overall body language.

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