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Body Language Secrets All Men Should Know

Body language is more than simply leaning forward to show interest or taking an expansive posture.

Sit/Stand Shoulder to Shoulder

One way to calm down someone who is irate in person or someone whom you offended because you bumped onto them is to sit or stand shoulder to shoulder to them while facing the same direction. If you are going to notice, its exact opposite would be referred to as “squaring up” and is something people tend to do when they are upset with someone.

Stand With Your Legs Wide and Put Both Your Hands Behind Your Head and Lean Back

The concept of the “power pose” has already been proven by researchers in Harvard. It states that taking such a pose for a number of minutes stimulates testosterone and subtlety influences the mind of the person adopting the pose to be more confident and be more in control. If you are anticipating a stressful situation then you may want to take on this posture to boost your self-confidence and your control over your mind and your emotions.

Look at People’s Feet

One way to determine if a person likes you or a group likes you is by observing where their feet, particularly their toes point. If it points toward your direction then they are interested in you. On the other hand, if they face you but their feet or toes are facing away from you then it is likely that they are not happy to see you.

When It Comes To Lying

There are a number of ways to figure out if someone is lying to you. One way is by observing how fast a person blinks his or her eyes. If it blinks too much then it means that the brain is trying to fabricate a story. Other subconscious behaviors include pursing the lips or scratching their nose. However, be very careful with these instances because those behaviors may simply be just them reacting from an itchy nose, a yawn and the like.

Reading Handshakes


Common knowledge tells us that a good handshake should not be too firm or soft and or sweaty. However, the position of a person’s palms also says a lot. People offer a downwards swoops kind of handshake or their palms are facing down it signals an effort of exerting dominance and authority over you. On the other hand, if their palm is facing up then they are the kind of people you can exert authority on or be dominant on. By being in the middle of both extremes, you are neither displaying such signs.

Body language is something that men should learn if they want to get ahead when it comes to dealing with the people around them.

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