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Body Language Tips for Making a Positive First Impression

Simply being knowledgeable about a particular subject or your business proposal or having a warm personality is not enough when it comes to making a positive first impression.

Handsome business man smiling at the officeIt is a big plus if you can incorporate body language into it. Here are some body language tips that you can apply to improve and add more life to your daily interactions with people.

  • Attitude: Have a pleasant and friendly attitude. Smile at people, shake their hands and greet them promptly. It only takes a few moments for people to form their first impression about you hence you should be conscious with your gestures. Are your eyebrows raised? Are your palms sweaty or shaking? Do not underestimate the human brain. They can easily be spotted and a careless body language can ruin a person’s first impression of you.
  • Posture: Stand tall; pulling your shoulders back and lifting your head up to show that you have a healthy self-esteem and you have confidence. A person with this kind of posture is likely to know what he or she is talking about and what he or she wants in a business meeting or a date.
  • Smile gradually/Eye Contact:These two body languages are important. If you want people to approach you or be receptive to your invitation, give them a gradual smile which is a sign of invitation or welcome. At the same time, looking at your audience in the eye or your date in the eye transmits energy, interest and the idea of being open.
  • Raised Eyebrows:Raised eyebrows in combination with a slight smile are generally recognized as a gesture of recognition and acknowledgement. When looking or meeting people for the first time, slightly open your eyes to give the recipient that gesture.
  • Lower your Pitch: Keep in mind that a person speaking in a high-pitch tone gives the impression that he or she is nervous especially if his or her pace of talking is also fast. That is why it is important that you are conscious of the way you talk. Are you talking fast? Maybe you should pause, take a deep breath and then try talking in a slower manner. Try to relax and be aware of your tone of voice.

And last but not the least; make sure that you shake the hands of your business partner. Shaking your business partner or the hands of people you meet is a sign that you appreciate their presence and that you are an approachable person. Always remember, first impressions are important that is why you should take advantage of expressing and displaying positive body language.

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