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Deceptive Body Language Secrets

While learning the different body languages and being able to identify them as they are demonstrated by people an advantage when it comes to strengthening relationships with different people, studying body language also protects you from a message cluster of body language referred to as deceptive body language. So what are the physical signs or behavior that you should look out for to keep yourself from being deceived? Portrait of beautiful nervous woman biting her nails

  • Anxiety: Only the most cold-hearted and confident individuals are able to deceive other people without showing any signs of being nervous. Luckily for most people they do not have to deal with these kinds of people every day of their lives. Sadly, there will still be those people who would prefer to trick you than play fair even if their confidence is not adamant. Hence you have to train yourself to be able to spot physical signs that show that a person is unsure of what he or she is doing. Keep in mind that people who are trying to deceive people tend to be anxious and afraid of the idea of being caught. Try looking for sweats building up on their forehead, or their palms, muscle twitching or the pace of their voice.
  • Control: People who do not want to be caught tend to exercise excessive control hence they tend to appear unnatural. Have you met someone who seems to have a good smile but for some reason, his overall facial expression does not seem to go along with it? He or she may be exercising excessive control so as not to appear suspicious. Have you met a salesman or someone who claims to be part of a legitimate organization that can help you earn more money that tends to display twitching muscles a lot? Or a person who has his or her hands inside his or her pocket for a long period of time and the ventilation is just fine? Remember the keyword here; they should be natural.
  • Distracted: A person who is attempting to deceive you and is not adept at it would probably find him or herself drifting in thought on occasion. If you have a workmate or an acquaintance that seems super friendly on the onset and then suddenly appears distracted or tends to stutter on what they are saying, then chances are, they are hiding something. This may not be something against you but it is certain that they are keeping something to themselves that is not pleasant.

Being able to spot deceptive body language or this kind of message cluster is important especially nowadays that there are a lot of frauds out there. This becomes more vital especially if you own a business.

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