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How to Gain a Laser Sharp Mental Focus

FocusGood mental focus leads to increase productivity at school, at work, and in any other area of your life. But in today’s stuffed up lifestyles, things such as stress, overload, tiredness and anxiety clutter the mind and inhibit focus. Knowing how to re-ignite your focus might be all you need to do to change your work or school life for the better. Below, I have shared a few of the most important tips on how to gain a sharper mental focus.

1.      One Thing at a Time

If you’re trying to read a book on your tablet, while at the same time listening to tunes from your home theater and chatting with your partner on WhatsApp, chances are very high that you’re not going to focus on the reading. The most basic step to rebuilding your mental focus is to learn to focus on one thing at a time. Only after you’re completely done with one task should you get started on the next one. Contrary to common misconception, multitasking is a productivity nightmare.

2.      Remove Distractions

If you’re serious about getting any meaningful work done, remove distractions from your immediate environment. That means doing away with technology too. Consider turning off all notifications for emails, reminders, tweets, etc. Control all communications and only go to social media once you’re done with what you’re doing and are really ready to spend time there.

3.      Silence the Mind

Your own thoughts can be the biggest distraction that inhibits mental focus and thus kills productivity. Those cheeky thoughts tempt you to leave the job half done. You need to teach yourself to not listen to them. Master the art of controlling your thoughts and fixating them on what you’re doing at the time.

4.      Declutter your Workspace

Whether you’re working at the office, or reading a book at home, de-cluttering is one great way to boost your mental focus. You want to clear all unnecessary materials from your office, desk, etc. The point is to make sure that there are minimal chances for distractions. Try to get into a de-cluttering habit, maybe weekly. This can help you start each day relaxed and ready for action.

5.      Get Some Exercise

What better way to create energy and reduce stress than to exercise? When you hit the run, endorphins released by your pituitary gland tend to block out feelings of stress. More so, a chemical called serotonin is released while exercising, improving your moods and boosting your sense of happiness. Regular exercising also helps create new neurons in the brain, enabling you to decode and store information much easier.

6.      Set Out your Goals

It’s important that you make your goals as clear as possible. This helps you focus and stay on track. It also motivates you to persist even when you lack inspiration. Clarify your aims in order to seek out the motivation that you need to keep going.

7.      Simplify Everything

The simpler you make your job, your study or your life, the more productivity you’re going to be. The idea is never to get work done but to get the most important work done. Simply your life into important tasks that need to be accomplished in an orderly way.

Serious about boosting your mental focus and getting more work done faster, these simplistic tips will get you going on the right note!

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