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Interview Body Language Tips

To land a job successfully takes many factors according to body language professionals. They say a big factor are the non-verbal actions taken during the personal interview.

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According to Carol Kinsey Goman, a body language expert, the first 7 minutes of the interview are the most crucial part of a job interview because it can make or break your chances to get the job. Your body language and your voice tone affect most the way you deliver your message to the interviewer.

Below are techniques on how to act and move properly on a job interview. Beware of the different meanings of body movements to avoid bad impression.

  • Your Attitude

One of the most important body language issues is how you project a positive outlook such as being happy, relaxed, friendly, approachable, confident and smart.

Before you enter the room, take a deep breath and wear a smile to cast away nervousness and anxiety. Make sure you have in your mind the best and brief answers to the questions they may ask you. This attitude shows you are ever ready, smart and confident. Be conscious also to your facial reactions. Having an eye contact with the interviewer creates an aura of listening well and shows interest. While talking to the interviewer, take time to smile. And most of all don’t forget to be polite and respective.

  • Proper posture

Posture is also one of the most essential non-verbal skills. The way you sit, the way you stand, the way you move and act reflects your personality. Being aware of the different hand, head, and legs gestures helps you embody the right posture before, during, and after the interview.

A sloppy posture reflects weariness, heaviness and negligent attitude. Arms clasped on your chest show a defensive attitude. Hands placed under the chin deliver an anxious manner, hands touching the face, nose, or curling the hair conveys uncertain outlook. Be conscious also of your leg movements because it may be distracting and indicate you are tensed. Crossing your legs or resting your one leg on the other knee may indicate arrogance and defensive attitude. It is better to keep both feet flat on the floor because it shows a decent, professional and confident look.

During the interview, leaning about 10 degrees forward towards the interviewer conveys a comfortable outlook and shows interest to communicate. Tilting your head a little bit conveys openness and being friendly.

Considering these techniques may be the key to land your most desired job.

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