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Mentalist Segev Performs “Phenomenon” Opening Act

Words can't stop describing the great entertainer, but Ehud cannot fall short of creativity. He just manages to win accolades for his work, admiration for his character and dignity.

He plays his pipe bewildering everybody with his musical wizardry. Is he the Pied Piper of Hamilton, or is he the Wizard of Oz, or is he a character taken right out of J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter? I leave that to the discretion of the audience.

After being selected to perform the opening act of the Phenomenon on NBC Prime Time, Ehud didn’t fall short of perfection even once. There were no signs of nervousness or lack of confidence or not even a sign of any hand tricks like the common magicians. It was absolute mind power. It was for everybody to see, and experience that Mr. Ehud, the mentalizer was exuberant with this abilities of mind control, and to experience that there were two celebrity guests, Carmen Electra the American glamour model of Baywatch fame and Ross Mathews, the American television personality famed for his role as correspondent for “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”.

Ehud starts off his phenomenal act by inviting Carmen and Ross to the stage. The charming celebrities emerge from their seats and take positions on stage with Ross standing on the left extreme and Carmen on the right. At this moment, there is a respect of silence from the audience as Mr. Magic tells Carmen that he is about to touch her. Carmen’s eyes start wondering as she turns to look at the audience if they know what’s coming with a chuckle. Ehud requests her to close her eyes and concentrate on his touch.

As the mentalizer takes position on centre stage he runs his hand over his forehead gently and asks Carmen if she felt anything to which she giggles saying she felt a sensation on her forehead. But this time our wizard would want to move one more level to prove the connection of human consciousness by tickling Ross under his chin to see if Carmen could feel the connection which she confirms as positive. He proceeds further by telling Carmen that he would ask Ross to touch her, and no sooner he says that, Ehud picks up a board on which is written “Touch yourself not her” which Ross reads and follows suit by touching his nose. Carmen again confirms she felt the touch on her nose.

This act gets truly amazing as the audience is watching with awe and everybody is spellbound. Up to this point, Ehud proved the connection with physical touch that all of us are connected on some level, but now he wants to take the game to a much subtler plane, to confirm if touch is something metaphysical. This is the most beautiful part of the whole performance where nobody knows what Carmen is going to think as Ehud asks her to imagine somebody is touching her.

Ehud clearly wants to prove the different levels of connection the human consciousness proves by using not only the five senses of perception but also the sixth sense which through this act comes as a clear message that all of us are part and parcel of the same mind. As Carmen closes her eyes and imagines, Ehud writes something on his white board and hands it over to Ross (he doesn’t see what’s written). Then he asks Carmen to open her eyes and asks her if she really felt an imaginary touch. Ehud asks her to show everybody where she felt the touch to which she feels a bit shy and says it with a giggle feeling a bit conscious that it was on her chest.

Ehud is totally excited now and he confirms that he never touched her all the while when Carmen had her eyes closed and also confirms it with the visual replay on stage showing Ross touching his nose and finally Ehud asks him to show everybody by turning the board around which he does with a dislike on his face and the word written was “CHEST”. Carmen does see her hair on standing on its end.

It’s an act… it’s a show and, it is a phenomenon!


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