Thursday , 18 July 2024
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Perfect Timing Trick


Guessing somebody’s thought is one game which all of us love to play, but very few of us master it. But it’s possible to prove we all are connected through telepathy. And, maybe you want to prove your strengths using this method. Timing your tricks is another art you may want to learn using an hour clock. You maybe keeping an eye on your watch through night and day, or maybe listening to the clock ticking, and worrying over losing time over something, but may have never wondered if you could play with the clock to lose track of time.

Mr. Ehud comes up with the idea of playing with the hours of the clock. All he says is, think of an hour in your mind, and spell it out starting from the number twelve. For e.g. he says, if you choose eight, we should spell the first letter e starting from 1, moving clockwise which would end the letter t with 5. Now he asks you to think of a number, and start spelling it in the similar fashion in a clockwise direction. As soon as you finish spelling, he asks you to start from the next number of the clock again, and repeat this process two more consecutive times while spelling the hour in your mind. When he’s finished with his calling, he shrugs off the different hours of the clock and finally he takes a guess which number you stopped at, and it’s One.


Mr. Ehud teaches you saying it’s “Time” to you amaze your friends. He says, you will find the same effect as it just did on you, when you watched his demonstration, but only with a different ending. Your friend at home, (which is you), knows where the hour arrived to, all you need to do is tell them they arrived to the hour, One. Mr. Mentalist says, it’s always going to be one, and not to worry… since he’s there to take care of it.



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