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How to Strike a Straw in a Potato


How do we find out the secret hidden behind the science of tricks? Did you ever want to learn the art of playing with subtle energies, and uncanny tricks? If you did, then you may find something useful here, something that might be worth winning applause.

“If you really believe in something, then your mind is so much stronger than the matter, that’s what I call, the mind over matter.” – Says Ehud. Have you ever wondered if mind could be strong enough to control matter? But he proves his point here by asking two men to strike a straw right through the potato. They think it’s impossible, but give it a try only to break the straw. Mr. Ehud proves his point by taking a new straw and holds it straight up. With one strike, he pierces the vegetable, and makes it come out through the other end. Is it law of physics, air pressure, or black magic?


Mr. Ehud does answer the question above by teaching us the right method, and also the science hidden behind this technique. It may look totally impossible for anybody to make a straw go through a potato. The secret is to create air pressure inside the straw. Air pressure can be stronger and sharper than a knife to through this hard potato. Mr. Ehud says, you need to take your thumb and cover the upper hole of the straw, and hold it straight, like the thumb rule. As you keep the upper hole covered with your thumb, there is enough air pressure created, when you make a swift movement and strike the potato. This air pressure helps the straw, cut through the vegetable and create a hole. But he sure gives a word of caution, not to hurt yourself when you strike the potato. Be careful to hold the potato with your fingers on the sides.



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