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Powerful Methods To Correct Bad Body Language

Not everyone is adept when it comes to executing the perfect body language to win their boss’ or neighbor’s good side. Below are bad body language and tips on how to correct them.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Looking awayThis communicates lack of self confidence and discomfort and the easiest way to rectify this is of course, to start making eye contact with the people around you. It may feel awkward at first but by constantly practicing this, you will eventually get used to it and will be more confident.

Weak Handshake

A weak handshake tells the other person that your personality is weak and the best way to overcome this is by exerting a bit of strength in it and effort. No need to give a tight handshake since it can be interpreted negatively but give a firm one at the least. Be confident with your handshake and do not be afraid of holding the other person’s hands too tight and or hurting them.

Laid Back Posture

Refrain from slouching as much as possible because it signals the people seeing you as someone who is lazy or someone who do not have self-esteem. Practice standing up straight with your shoulders on the back and by keeping your head up. The same goes for when you are sitting. Refrain from slouching and instead, lean forward but not too much since it might be interpreted as you being too aggressive which is not the impression you want to convey.

Weak Voice

Being soft-spoken is different from having a weak voice. You can be soft spoken and still be able to sound powerful or confident. By sounding confident and keeping yourself from stuttering, you are showing that you know what you are talking about and that you are knowledgeable about the subject. Try facing the mirror and reciting declamations and or reading a script out loud. Practicing this once in a while can potentially help you strengthen the power in your voice.

Fake Smile

Not smiling is better than forcing yourself to smile because it can be interpreted as you being a hypocrite. Try to make an effort in smiling naturally. Practice smiling naturally by smiling at yourself while you are facing the mirror. Greet your neighbors in the morning with a smile. Making smiling a habit will eventually become natural in you.

There are a number of negative body languages displayed by different people but it does not mean that there is no way for them to correct a bad body language.

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