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The 3 Pillars to Optimum Mental and Physical Health

PostureOf course, nutrition and exercise are key to good physical and mental health. But that’s not all there is. Regardless of who you are, there are three key things that you can do on a daily basis that go a long way towards determining your quality of life. These three things are the foundation of who you become. They are rather simple things that have a major impact on the quality of your mental and physical health. They are also interdependent with each other, and you need all of them to see the positive results that you want!

1.      Posture

Absurd? No. Proper posture means that your vertebral column is aligned well. This way, the nerves that branch out of the spinal cord to muscles and organs can relay the needed impulses for optimal function. Over time, bad posture could lead to chronic muscle soreness, as well as blood and nerve constriction. To emphasize that posture is interdependent with the other two things, it’s an established fact that good posture helps with breathing and affects your attitude as well. A journal article on biofeedback says that slouching in front of the TV or computer, or collapsing forward while doing something on a Smartphone are culturally conditioned positions that are often associated with negative hopeless memories. For people with a history of depression, such positions reduce subjective energy.

2.      Breathing

There are two very important things you should remember when it comes to breathing. First, you need to breathe through your nose and not your mouth. Secondly, you need to breathe from your abdomen, not the upper chest. Breathing through the nose means that membranes located within the nasal cavity are able to introduce nitric oxide into the lungs, which in turn acts to boost oxygen absorption. Nitric oxide also helps kill potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Breathing from the abdomen means that your diaphragm works optimally to pull air in and push it out. This way, you get maximum oxygen to your body, which in turn nourishes the muscles in your body, as well as your brain.

3.      Attitude

Just how long can you go without processing a negative thought? In today’s age of mass media and information, we are constantly reminded of the failing economy, failed families, school shootings, war and a lot of other negative things. It’s very easy for negative thoughts to seek residence in your mind. These negative thoughts then result to negative attitudes, running your relationships and every other aspect of your life.

When you realize that what happens to you is utterly a responsibility of your ‘inner self’, you can free yourself from a negative attitude. You don’t have control over what happens in the outside world, but you have control over you perceive the people, places, and events in your life. Increase your daily awareness so that you can realize when your attitude starts to turn negative. This way, you can easily arrest the situation by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.


Whether you’re washing dishes or taking a walk around the neighborhood, think about these three things. Is your posture good? Are you breathing properly? Do you have a positive attitude running? Maintain awareness of each of these key pillars. Make this a habit and before you know it, you’ll realize a better quality of life.

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