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What Obama REALLY thinks about the conflict in Syria? A mental analysis by Ehud Segev

This week I want to perform a short mental analysis of the conflict in the Middle East – the Syria chemical attack and the way the US will interfere, as well as a hint from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This overview of the situation in the Middle East this week is being done using video footage from different media broadcasts that were aired in the past few days. Let's mentally analyze the major powers that are taking actions in this volatile region. Watch the video and read my analysis. Then feel free to add your own comments!


We will start with president Obama who has a micro expression that gives a lot away. It is the Eyebrows Lift and the way he nods his head. Let's take a look at this short interview clip to understand his mental state and thoughts:

icon-obamaHe starts talking about the subject by saying “What we've seen indicates that this is clearly (micro pause nodding positively with his head and prepares to raise his eyebrows) a big event (micro pause to add a concerning matter) of grave concern and (now he starts speaking very fast as if to convey a message that he doesn't have a big influence on his own decisions or thoughts about this subject. In fact, he is about to say something that is totally not accurate and his body language reveals it with a  head shake from side to side, as if to convey – what I'm saying right now is not 100% true and will not affect my decision at all) we are already in communications with the entire international community (micro pause) moving through the UN to try to (micro pause) prompt better action from them (micro pause) and we've called on the Syrian government to allow (light pause in order to convey another fast statement that must be said but means nothing much to the president and it is being used as a way to establish the ground for future actions he is already planning) investigation of the site because UN inspectors are on the ground right now…

(Now comes the evidence that he doesn't truly believe something can be done about this) we don't expect (pause, making sure he isn't saying something that might fire back at him later) cooperation, given their past history (pause with an “ah”) and what I do believe is that (pausing for his mind to add a circumstance sentence used in NLP to allow him to perform severe actions in the future) although the situation in Syria is very difficult (mini pause to add another addition to previous statement) and the notion that the US can somehow (mini pause to choose the right word whether ‘interfere', ‘attack', ‘take action' and the words he uses is) solve what is a … sectarian (using his hands to pinpoint a statement that was already prepared and used in the past – whether in inner circles or in other interviews. Then comes the second word in the statement used to add an emotional hook) complex (mini pause to give the hook word its presence in the sentence and continues to finish the statement as his hand stops moving) problem inside of Syria sometimes is overstated.


We can see the raised eyebrows happening again when president Obama is talking about the chemical weapons being used on a large scale. He is using this “eyebrow lift” to strengthen his point and avoid looking bad. Think of it as a little boy who is being accused of doing something he didn't do (or doesn't know if he did it or not, it doesn't matter), but the boy states that he is innocent and he raises his eyebrows to portray an innocent look, which we usually tend to accept and believe.

He uses this when he says that it is going to get the attention of America  and hopefully the entire international community as well..


icon-chuck-hagelChuck Hagel was also interviewed on BBC this week and he says in this interview that: “I think that the intelligence will conclude that it wasn't the rebels who used it – the deeper we get into this, it seems to me it's clear that the government of Syria was responsible…”

Now comes a beautiful micro expression that is the bread and butter of every mental analyzer: a fasciculation (muscle twitch), which is a small, local, involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation. Chuck's left ear has a fasciculation of this sort that we see when the body is having ‘chills'. We experience it in situations where there is a dissonance in our brain. Usually, this happens when we convey a message of one sort while we actually have a different idea in our brain. The body feels awkward and therefore creates this involuntary movement. In this instance, Chuck is repeating his statement about taking action a few times, which is telling us that he is visually seeing the actions that are about to be taken. He KNOWS that actions will be taken and he KNOWS the plan. He finishes repeating the loop when he says, ‘What action or no action,' when in fact an action WILL be taking place really soon and that is why his body shares the truth with Mentalizers who know how to read it:

Watch the video to notice it right after Chuck says: “Let's get the facts, let's get the intelligence and then a decision will be made on whether (here starts the loop of the action statement) action should be taken; if action should be taken (pause and fasciculation of the left ear) what action or no action.”


icon-netanyahuLast but not least is Benjamin Netaniyahu, Israel's prime minister, who recorded an important message that says: “The State of Israel is prepared for any scenario. We are not part of the civil war in Syria. But if we detect any attempt to attack us, we will react and react strongly.”

Unfortunately, this is a statement that was shot by the Israeli PR agency where Netnayahu used a teleprompter that allows him to ‘read' from a screen what he is actually saying, thus it is harder to collect clues or micro expressions that are being sent out when someone talks without practicing his speech, memorizing it or using a teleprompter. Still, we can learn from the vocal techniques and pauses that Netanyahu already knows that a strike will happen and he is sending out a message to the world where he prepares everyone for an Israeli response if Syria will act against Israel. Netanyahu sounds like an alpha male who knows that he will most likely not be attacked, yet he wants to claim his power so he puts out  a statement such as this one. Yes, Syria has too much to lose if it attacks Israel and most likely they will not take a direct action against Israel. If someone will, it'll probably be Iran's terror arm “Hezbollah” that is located within south Lebanon but works its way into the Syrian arena.
What do YOU think about these interviews? Did you notice all the clues and micro expressions? Do you agree with my mental analysis or have something to add to it? I would love to read your comments bellow!

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