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6 easy tips to strengthen your resolve today

The phrase “resolve” means a determination to do what you have decided to do without turning back. If you are to overcome the obstacles that come your way, for sure you are going to need a strong mind.

I refer to a strong mind as having a great capacity to face and overcome challenges. It means having the mental skills, the resources, and capability to face difficulties of all kind. When you are strong-minded you have the stamina to tackle a challenge without being robbed of inner strength.

Have you ever promised yourself that…

You weren’t going to do sweets, only to be faced by a plateful of cookies

Or you probably said,

I’m going to quit bad habits,” then an event occurred and you just couldn’t quit.

Or maybe, “I am going to cut down some weight,” but you just kept on eating poorly?

It is as if you put your focus out there and before you know it a test appears. Your heart is willing, but your body and mind resist.

But all these roadblocks can be overpowered, allowing you to strengthen your resolve to achieve just anything your body and mind are capable of.

Here are some rather simple tricks to strengthen your resolve

  1. Give yourself a break – stop exhausting yourself. Remember you are a work in progress; meaning you get there a little at a time, not all at once.
  2. Make an honest decision – others may accept you if you choose the usual way of life. But they will respect you, even more, making your own choices and sticking to them. Even better, you will start to yourself more, as well.
  3. Expect difficulties – difficulties are the accompaniments of existence, and if everything was all right and smooth all the time we would have nothing to do.

We should accept that life, in general, is full of difficulties and adversities.

When experiencing problems, we always feel, “I am the only person having such problems”. But if we look around us, we discover people in much worse situations.

We must realize that change is unavoidable, and we should always be prepared for it. For instance, think of problems that might occur and decide how you will tackle them.

  1. Delay temptations – delay of temptation is a choice of not doing something now for something bigger later on.

As the saying goes “good things happen to those who wait” well, It is not easy to avoid temptations but with self- control for sure you can.

Those who delay their temptation for a later day or time, end up having success in all areas of life may it be; relationships, career, financial and health.

  1. Think of the consequences – we should accept the fact that actions have consequences and that we are entirely responsible for our choices. Always think before you act to prevent unwanted consequences. If you do that you may realize that you didn’t intend to do what you did.
  2. Be honest with yourself – if you never take the initiative, to be honest with yourself, then you will never know what you want. You will never achieve anything because you will not be passionate enough to do what it takes. On the other hand, being honest makes you fearless; you won’t get offended by what other people say.

Always remember you are capable of strengthening your resolve. Knowing changes are inevitable and will somehow appear along the way, using positive self-talk can help us achieve success. And also remember everyone has a difference to make and what you do matters.

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