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The mentalist power of the sixth sense

It was an exciting evening at F Bar where Mentalist Ehud Segev from Israel floored the guests with his psychokinetic powers…

Mentalist Ehud Segev grew up influenced by spiritual and physical laws in safed, a town in Israel, with rabbais and scholars teaching Kabbalah – a body of mystical teachings of rabbinical origin, often based on an esoteric interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures.

As child he had visions. People called it his sixth sense. At the age of 12 he began reading books on myticism and spiritualism, which his mother had to sign out from the library.

He remembers trembling with some energy the first time he opened a locker in the boy's dorm by inserting a paper clip.

He just felt it hit a groove and turn. Tarot reading, holding seances, predicting exam papers and later political events, people nicknamed him ‘the mentalizer'.

At 16, he conducted a seance on TV, an exposure naturally riddled with skeptic controversies. Like Ulliv Geller, the Mentalist Ehud found he could move objects, bend metal.

His innovative performances have enthralled audiences.

Did he feel powerful when he knew of his abilities? “Only spiritual living in such a materialistically connected world is the path to progress. Our desires should be to set our souls free and no amount of power or money can bring you that joy.” An introvert as a child, he decided at an early age that he would use these powers to good use, donating the proceedings of his shows to charity.

Using psychokinetic touches, Eduh captivated the attention of the audience at the F Bar on November 10, at an evening hosted by Black and White Whiskey.

Ehud did not perform only on stage. Mingling with people at their tables, boggling many with amazing card tricks, levitating and spinning credit cards, bending forks and spoons by circular movements of the rigid fingers of the left hand, which vibrated with the flow of energy. The mentalist had the guests enthralled.

Though all guests were not by invitation, many witnessed psychokenetic powers for the first time.

The event, however, lacked the exclusivity and ambience of a whisky promotion evening.

Perin Ilavia

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