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Understanding Hair Body Language

The way a person wears his or her hair or keeps it can be a basis as to what the person’s general emotional or mental condition is at the moment. While hair itself does not move on its own, people tend to do a lot of things toward their hair and even those who neglect it express a specific mood that you can use as a basis to deduce what the person’s general mental and emotional state.

woman in black dress with bright makeup throws red hairThe following non-verbal cues are some of the things that you should take note of when observing a person.

  • Appearances: Hair can be cut in any shape and in a variety of styles and the way a person wants his or her hair is cut or styled contributes to his general personality. A person who follows a stereotypical clean cut is likely to be someone who is conventional or someone who is more likely to follow rules than break them. A person who goes for a clean cut is likely someone who desires to be admired by the opposite sex through him or her being clean-looking. When it comes to men who have short and well-kept hair, they often are the aggressive types, reminiscent of those in the army. At the same time, they are potentially people who tend to become disciplinarians. On the other hand, men who are wearing their hair long are often the rebellious type or if not, at least those who have a wider perspective towards life. For women, since they are socially given the opportunity to be more expressive when it comes to their hairstyles, this will give you more opportunity to assess a woman’s general mood. Women who have long hair but have it covering their faces are likely to be on low-self esteem while women who have their hair cut short might be working on a new them or possibly to attract men. It can also be a rebellion against the norm’s perspective towards women.
  • Tossing: This gesture is often done by women to get the attention of men. At the same time, this can be signaling the other person to approach such as an invitation. This can also be interpreted as a sign of giving someone unwanted attention.
  • Touching:This is another gesture that women tend to do though some men occasionally do such as playing or twirling their hair. This can signify that the person doing this is being flirtatious towards someone or trying to invite someone in a romantic sense.

Hair body language says more about women than men but it does not mean that you should limit your observation of a person’s hair body language on women. Hair body language is still hair body language and being able to get ideas or information just by looking at a person’s hair style should always be welcomed.

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