Friday , 24 May 2024
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The Mentalist off-Broadway show ANOMAL (DVD)

The Mentalist off-Broadway show “ANOMAL – a story of a supernatural boy” is now available on DVD!!!


“ANOMAL – story of a supernatural boy” is Ehud Segev's off-Broadway hit play which received critical acclaim for the fact that it is half play half mentalism act. This DVD comes with the actual play that was produced and performed in the American Theatre of Actors, in Times Square NYC. It also comes with a few bonus tracks such as Ehud Segev's appearances on TV (Montel Williams, NY1 etc…)

* Ehud Segev's full new off-Broadway play ANOMAL * 
* Ehud Segev's TV appearances * 
* The new Mentalizer trailer * 
And more …

$20 dollars + $3 dollars shipping and handling.


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