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7 Mental Skills of Highly Successful People

Hispanic soccer or football playerDo you often struggle with your ambitions because you think they might be too hard to achieve? Are you unable to consistently accomplish both your short-term and long-term goals in work, sports, and life?

The most successful athletes leverage applied sports psychology. This is a precise art that involves training the mind with the objective of equipping it with profound skills for success. Just like successful athletes, some of the most accomplished people in life have mastered these seemingly simple but instrumental mental skills.

1.      Attitude

Successful people realize that their attitude is their own choice. They go for the predominantly positive attitude, rather than having a negative perspective on things. They view their sports, family, work and life challenges as opportunities to compete against themselves, learning from both their successes and failures. They strive to pursue excellence, rather than perfection. More so, they have a respectful attitude about what they do, their colleagues and other participants.

2.      Motivation

Motivation is an important mental skill for successful people. Accomplished people clearly understand the benefits and rewards of their undertakings. They are able to carry on even when things are difficult, and these benefits are not in the immediate sight. Rather than focus on the outcome, they pay attention to the rewards of participating in their endeavors.

3.      Goals & Commitment

Accomplished people are visionaries. They have an ability to define clear personal and enterprise visions. They set both long-term and smaller goals that are measurable, realistic and time-oriented. They also have detailed plans for accomplishing these goals. Commitment to these goals is a skill they have learned to master. Thus, they’ll have no problem fulfilling the daily demands necessary for the realization of their vision.

4.      Dealing With Anxiety & Emotions

Successful individuals understand that anxiety is part of life. They realize that a certain degree and measure of anxiety could indeed help them do better, but know how to scale down anxiety when it becomes a real issue. They acknowledge that although they have no power over what happens to them, they are in control of their reactions (emotions). They will acknowledge anger, excitement, disappointment and other emotions as part of life. Instead of being impacted in a negative way, they use these emotions to improve!

5.      Whole Brain Thinking

Accomplished people are strategic thinkers. They have trained their minds to explore beyond routine thoughts and weigh in ideas that go beyond the logical methods of their left brain (which dwells on analytical thinking). One of the best ways anyone can master this mental skill is by distracting the left brain through tasks such as writing, which occupies the left brain, and thus allows the intuitive, optimal and creative right brain to be more active. That’s probably one of the key reasons why you should always write down your goals! Whole brain thinking is a crucial mental skill that adds a new perspective to the way you frame and analyze a problem. It also plays into how you evaluate ideas, and your critical thinking.

6.      Intuition

Intuition is a secret mental weapon often used by strategic thinkers and highly accomplished individuals. They have learned to recognize and decipher their emotions, which plug into previous experiences and patterns in order to allow them to better predict the results of current decisions. When you learn to identify what your instincts point to, you will have created space for intuition to guide you. This gives you more clarity that in turn helps discern opportunities both in your personal and/or business life.

7.      Patience

Patience is one of those mental skills that most of us know is important, but which we don’t practice. Accomplished people are patient. They understand the failures that come with rushing to judgments and conclusions along the way. They know that you can’t plant a seed and expect it to grow into a plant the next one week. Great thoughts and ideas need time to develop and blossom into great successes. Successful people are also able to delay gratification through patience. This gives them the mental discipline to look at the larger picture while still focusing on what’s important!

Are you baffled? How many of these mental skills do you possess? Learning to strengthen your mind is a great way to enhance your performance in school, life, sports, and in any profession. Even great battles are won in the mind! So invest more time this year to make yourself better, starting with your mind!

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