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8 Awesome Mind Tricks you can Practice Right Now

TrickMind tricks – that’s a Mentalizer’s tuff!

In fact, you should learn a few mind tricks that you can always pull on people. Mind tricks make you a more likable and interesting person.

Mind tricks are the best example of how you can use your brain’s natural quirks to your advantage, and at the same time have a positive impact on anyone that you encounter.

Mind Tricks

In this article, we’ll highlight 8 mind tricks that you can use in everyday life.

  1. Be an Astute Observer – when people are laughing in a group, each person makes eye contact with the person they feel closest to. This trick can make you a keen observer who is able to figure out relationships of all types. If you’re in a team, it’ll tell you which member is bonding with who. Just by paying attention to eye contact, you can learn a lot about others!
  2. Make Someone Do a Favor – when someone does you a favor, they tend to unconsciously justify why they’re willing to do so. They might end up justifying with reasoning such as ‘I like him’, ‘She’s my friend’, ‘he seems like the type of person who returns a favor’, etc. The justifications, whatever they are, serve you perfectly. Consider using this tool in difficult conversations and negotiations.
  3. Open Hands Create Trust – looking for a mind trick to increase trust? Try open palms and hands! In fact, this mind trick has been domesticated by some companies that require their employees to learn and practice the ‘open-palm gesture’. The opposite of this – pointing – is generally seen to be rude and aggressive.
  4. The Nodding Trick – want to make others more likely to agree with you the next time you’re saying something? Nod your head during the conversation. Subconsciously, this conveys to other people that whatever you’re saying is desirable and true. People will be naturally inclined to agree with you.
  5. Make a Lie More Believable – the next time you’re desperate to get away with a lie, consider adding some embarrassing detail to make it more believable. Have it in mind that the more detail-packed a lie is, the higher the possibility that people will believe it. It works like this – when you throw in those details, people will starting picturing your story. The picture becomes more vivid with embarrassing details.
  6. Chew to Relax – sometimes when you just feel unrelaxed and unfocused, chewing gum can be a great fix. Science tells you that chewing gum does lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone). It also improves performance in memory oriented tasks. Why does this happen? Because chewing increases blood flow to the brain, and thus alerts your senses.
  7. Feet Signal Attention – the next time you’re talking to a date or friend, pay attention to their feet. If their feet point away from you, this is an indicator that they’re disinterested in you, and/or whatever you’re saying. However, if their feet are pointing towards you, this is a cool sign that they take an interest in listening to you.
  8. Show Excitement – if you show excitement upon meeting someone, that person will naturally mirror back that excitement at you. They will feel excited when they see you again. It’s a great way to make people like you on the first impression.

Cool tricks, huh!? You can definitely get started with them. Try to note the difference in how people do respond to you.

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