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9 Psychology Truths That Will Blow Your Mind Away

PsychologyThere are few things more interesting than the human mind. Other than perhaps rocket science and astrophysics, the human mind is the most fascinating subject in the universe.

Researchers have spent hundreds of years trying to understand the inner workings, strange phenomena and surprising facts regarding to the human mind. Psychologists have come up with these rules that will simply blow your mind away.

#1 You Blame Other’s Behavior Based on Their Personality

Remember that last time you got stuck in traffic! Do you remember saying to yourself, ‘what an idiot’? I guess not. You probably did not. Psychology spells out that while we blame the behavior of others based on their intrinsic/internal attributes, we tend to blame our own behavior based on external attributes. This is referred to as the fundamental attribution error in psychology, and it’s super hard to stop. Just try!

#2 You Have a Friend Limit

While your social media meter may be reading thousands of friends, the truth is that you can’t really accommodate that many friends (close friends). According to psychology, we all have a maximum number of close friendships, and this ranges between 50 and 150. This is backed up by anthropologic studies!

#3 You Choose the First Item on the List First

Remember the last time you went out to vote. Psychology has it that most people subconsciously tend to vote for the first person on the list. It’s been proved that a candidate whose name is placed somewhere in the middle of a ballot has lesser chances of winning. When you go to a hotel, your mind places emphasis on the first item on the menu!

#4 You’re Not Really That Good At Paying Attention

You probably think that you’re very good at paying attention, in school or elsewhere. But the truth of the matter is that your optimal attention span fades away after just 10 minutes! That is – even when something interests you. That’s just how your mind is wired, as numerous studies suggest!

#5 Repetition Changes Your Brain

Every time your brain stores information, electrical impulses are transmitted between neurons. This strengthens existing connections and creates new ones as well. The result of these new circuits is what causes physical change and growth in your brain.

#6 The Bigger the Competition, the Lesser the Desire to Compete

A fascinating study involving students found out that candidates scored more on standardized tests when there were fewer people in the room. The fact that there are fewer competitors is motivating since there’s a bigger chance that you’ll come out on top. This applies in other areas of our lives as well!

#7 It Takes 66 Days to Form a Habit

We all have both good and bad habits. Here’s the deal – it takes you a total of 66 days to cement a habit. So the next time you’re making your New Year resolutions, just be keen to make it until the 67th day, and you’ll probably have formed new, good habits, and cleared bad habits as well!

#8 Groups Make Poor Decisions

Just started a group venture in your local town? You probably should be more careful about it! Psychologists say that ‘group think’ leads to decision-making based on hyper-emotionalism. Doesn’t mean that things get smarter the more heads there are! Groups are also easily swayed, especially by dominant, self-serving personalities!

#9 Ability to Delay Gratification is Developed While Young

The ability to delay fulfillment of your desires while young (as a kid) leads to more success in dealing with stress and frustration, school work, performance, and a lot of other things. But in case you didn’t master this key ability while young, researchers are working on new ways that you can use to distract yourself while you wait!

Interesting isn’t it! There are always more things to learn about the human mind! See what these translate in your life, so you can understand the process leading to your everyday decision making and behavior!

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