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NY1 Spots The Mentalist Ehud Segev

NY1 Spots Ehud

The success of Anomal, has gained accolades, and brought recognition to the mentalist Ehud as an artist, entertainer and finally the newly found word by the magician, “The Mentalizer”. Anomal is a series of performance involving demonstration of power of control over energies to reveal the infinite possibilities of the human mind, combined with a wonderful theatrical solo act weaving a new and a different world, leading the audience into a journey away from the present reality.

The entertainer has gained world wide recognition and has been on various Television channels all over the world. The increasing success and fan following of Mr. Ehud has been a living example of the wide acceptance of his work.

After the success of Anomal, Mr. Ehud Segev was invited on NY1 to speak about his work and what he aims at achieving. Anomal, as mentalist Ehud says, is an European word with a lot meanings to it.

Ideally, Ehud calls Anomal a weird word for a weird show which involves half a play, half an act and the ending is in the beginning and vice-versa.

Ehud’s Act as a Preview

Ehud shows a demonstration, which is a preview to what theatre goers would get to see in his shows, which is amazingly an interesting curtain raiser. Very gently, the anchor hands him her credit card, which Ehud takes in his hand and surprisingly starts flying it around his body like a yoyo. The only difference over here is, the thread holding the card is nothing but energy.

He even shows a demonstration by bending the spoon, and later on holding it straight in his hand, just starts to rotate the spoon only with energy as we can clearly see his fingers holding the object are completely still.

The Mentalist’s power of concentration, mind control and ability to transform energies at various levels does make him a wonderful entertainer, and also a medium for spreading a message of the inner connection that exists within each one us.

Mr. Ehud can be seen performing at American Theatre of Actors, 314 West 54th Street.

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