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Body Language Tips: How to Know if Your Boss Hates

business peopleWhile being someone who does not care about what other people think and say is nice, there are place wherein what people would think or say to you should be given due consideration. And there is no other place that requires this as much as the workplace. This holds firmly true especially if you are aspiring to climb up the corporate ladder in which case, you should try taking note of your superior’s behavior towards you.

  • Standing By Your SideJust the way it sounds and perhaps the way you instinctively interpret it; if your superior is standing by your side while you are engaged in a conversation with someone rather than in front of you then you can safely treat this as a good sign. The same thing can be said in situations where your superior is standing right behind you as if to say that he has your back. Of course, there may be exceptions to this rule such as your superior standing beside you or behind you and you are facing a wall, probably writing something on a desk in a training class which gives your superior no other space to stand but beside or behind you in which case you can always check for other signs like the ones below this.
  • Creates/Removes Barriers: Barriers can be anything from a mug of coffee on top of your superior’s table, paperwork, a phone or any object that can serve as an obstacle between you and your superior’s conversation. If your superior is subtlety putting objects; barriers in between you as you two converse with one another then chances are that he is not comfortable interacting with you. On the other hand, if he does the opposite, and immediately removes any clutter on the table or any object which may be blocking each of your visual path then it is a good sign.
  • You Do Not See Your Boss:While having your boss personally check you how you are doing and why you are not passing your weekly metrics is not a pleasant experience to some, you should be more relieve with that kind of scenario as compared to you failing your weekly metrics and your boss questioning you only via email or private chat. What is the difference between this two? Your boss personally checking up on you and your performance shows that he or she sees potential in you and is interested in what you have to say whereas emails and private chats coming from your superior without him or her visiting you or calling you to his or her cube is a sign that your superior is uncomfortable hanging around with you.

Body language is not solely limited to you taking note of someone’s posture or if he or she is smiling at you. Body language encompasses more than that and knowledge of it can make a big difference when you are applying it at work.

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