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Reading Your Date’s Body Language On Christmas Eve

One of the things that can make your Christmas Eve memorable is by being with someone who you deem special. However, would it not be better if you are able to ascertain if your date for Christmas Eve is at least as interested at you as you are to him or her?

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The good news is that it is possible for you to determine if a person is romantically interested at you. Some of the signs that you should try to look for and observe are:

Positive Positioning: One of the things that you should take into account is where your date’s feet is pointed or directed. The notion of knowing or at least determining if your date is interested to you by observing the feet may seem unusual but it is reliable. Simply, if their feet is pointed towards you as opposed to another direction, or the exit for that matter, then it is at least safe to assume that they are interested at you.

Open Gestures: If your date does not have her or his arms crossed over his or her chest or has his or her palms opened up while the two of you are conversing then you can safely assume that he or she is at least comfortable spending time with you. On the other hand, seeing them having their arms crossed on their chests or their palms clenching into a fist does not necessarily mean that they are uncomfortable being with you but could just be due to the cold temperature. You do not necessarily have to rely on this particular sign on Christmas Eve but only consider this as a guideline and not as a hard fast rule.

Smiling and Laughing: This would probably be one of the best and reliable indicators that the person is comfortable and happy spending time with you. If your date displays a coy or playful smile than the generic friendly or warm smile then chances are that they are interested towards you and happy being with you.

Head Tilting: This particular body language is also a positive indicator that if you are able to get your date’s interest. If the person’s head tilts to the right then it is likely that he or she is interested in the things that you are sharing during your conversation. On the other hand, if your date’s head is pointed downwards, or seems to look around the room once in a while then there is a likely possibility that the moment is getting boring.

Learning to read your date’s body language is a sure-fire way of knowing if the possibility of romance between the two of you is high or low.

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