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The Mentalist Roots of Phenomenon

The Mentalist Ehud Segev may not be one of the seven great wonders of the world, but Ehud Segev does make you wonder what he is up to as he begins to unfold his sleeve and reveal the different layers hidden behind the mask that he wears.

Ehud started performing on the original version of Phenomenon on Israeli television before he was spotted by Uri Geller and Chris Angel, who invited him later on to participate in the American version of the same show on NBC Prime Time. Mr. Ehud invites three celebrities Moshe Datz, Penina Rosenblaum and Sarai Givaty on to the stage. All of them take their seat and Mr. Mentalizer takes a deep breath and gives them an intense look with his eyes as if he is staring at them from his soul, as if his whole being is starting to read them with uncanny detail.

The music, lights and sets support his idea of work and add to the suspense all the more which makes the audience sit at the edge of their seats, biting their nails and too eager to see what he is going to present. Ehud very politely tells his guests, “You’ve let me influence your thoughts. I shall do my utmost.” As he begins, the master mystic asks all three of them to look into his sad eyes, and pulls out an envelope. He then says, he will hand it over to one of them, and there are some things written in it which they will be sensing in a while. He affirms he will be influencing their minds to sense it, which may or may not work.

The mentalist Ehud starts with the first step, i.e. to influence their minds for them to know who will be taking the envelope. He proceeds to ask one of them to raise their hands who feel the urge to hold the cover. Somehow, Sarai has felt an irresistible urge and takes it from Ehud. Segev makes a circle soon to stand behind Sarai and tells her he’s going to write something down and asks her “What day is it?” to which Sarai replies, Saturday, 25th September and he notes it down on his pad.

Ehud now unveils his energy further to influence Moshe as he puts his hand top of his head and asks him to close his eyes and imagine as if Ehud and Moshe were on a trip to somewhere on a plane, no matter where it is, but all he has to do is imagine a ticket. Moshe very interestingly replies Stockholm. He repeats the same procedure with Sarai and asks her how long they were going to be in Stockholm and her answer is three, to which he very excitedly asks Moshe how long he was there, and he says three. In the mean time Ehud confirms by asking Moshe and Sarai haven’t spoken with each other about this before and they say no. Ehud now adds both their answers and notes the sum as six on his pad.

It is now Penina’s turn to experience his magnetic influence and asks her to imagine he’s giving her his wallet, and further asks her to imagine the bills and tell him how much money would be there in his wallet, considering the amount that would be enough for flight to Stockholm. This is now really taking a very interesting turn along with the twists in Ehud’s methods which still nobody has been able to make out what they could expect as the end result. Penina says the first number that pops in her mind, which is 200 USD. Ehud writes it down again challenging the audience if anybody thinks 200 USD is enough to last six days in Stockholm.

In the midst of reactions from the audience, Ehud removes his wallet and hands it over to Penina, and asks her not to open it when in the meantime he requests Sarai to bring the envelope. Ehud along with Sarai rereads everything he’s written just for one final time and affirms strongly that the envelope contains the just same thing what he has written on his pad. What is the same thing? We need to look further as he surprises the audience in a childlike manner.

Sarai opens the envelope and removes a folded paper which Ehud takes it from her swiftly and unfolds it which reads, “Exactly the same thing”, to which the people respond very sportingly. The funny part over here is he takes the whole audience along with his guests on such an adventurous ride that nobody is able to tell what he is getting at. Ehud’s ability to keep everybody guessing and sprinkle some surprise at varied levels and his ability to bring joy in people’s hearts is a unique quality. He is not a wayside magician, or a juggler, he is a pure entertainer playing mind tricks with an amazing ability to stun.

The show ends with Ehud asking Penina to hand over his wallet to Sarai. Ehud requests her to open the zipper and remove a tiny envelope sealed from all sides and open it and remove a paper and read aloud what’s written in it to the audience. Sarai reads, “Dear Sarai, I am writing this letter to you from Stockholm.” Ehud asks to confirm, “From where?” Sarai confirms loudly, “From Stockholm” as the mentalizer asks her to continue. She reads further, “I spent three days here”. Ehud gives a confused look and says, “Wait, but we said six”. Sarai points out that there was a six written underneath the three. She further continues, “I will be home in another three days. Thank you for lend me 200 dollars. Sincerely, Ehud Segev”.

It was a brilliant performance by the master of mystical games, and the renown Uri Geller who was sitting there judging him throughout had nothing but only words of appreciation, as the audience started to chant….Ehud…Ehud…Ehud!!!


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