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Habits to develop a positive mindset

Are you happy with your life? Have you ever wondered why some people enjoy their lives while others keep complaining how miserable their lives are? Your attitude can either make or destroy you. Our attitude reflect our lives.

It’s impossible to have a positive life when your attitude is negative. A positive attitude is, therefore, an essential tool in our lives that everyone should develop. Attitude is contagious, it can have an effect on people around you, your family members, colleagues, friends and other people you interact with.

To improve our lives, make ourselves happy and people around us, we need to cultivate a more optimistic attitude. The following are habits that will make you develop a positive attitude.

1.      Keep a gratitude journal

Our mind has a tendency of clinging to negative things when this happens, it’s good to try focusing on the positive things.  Science has discovered that being grateful can make you happier, and keep you away from depression, stress, anxiety, negativity, and depression. Keep reminding yourself regularly about things you are grateful for, you can try listing them down daily, after this practice you will note a difference in your attitude.

2.      Describe your life positively

Did you know that you become what you think? I f you define your life as miserable, you will perceive it that way and you will start feeling it in your blood veins and your life will definitely become miserable. What you say about your life is more powerful than you can imagine. Start saying positive things about yourself and your life, prophecy good things about your life and you will feel the energy in you pushing you to be better every day. This will also help you develop a positive attitude.

3.      Exercise rejection

Life is full of rejections, this should not harden you or make you start thinking you are unlucky and things will always go wrong for you. These are thoughts you should never tolerate. I f you expect worse things to come your way, there is a possibility you end up meeting the bad results. You should try and get good at being rejected.

4.      Avoid negative people who keep complaining

Warsaw school of social psychology did their study and found that complaining result to optimism, lower moods, motivational deficits, emotional deficits, decreased life satisfaction and negative emotions.

Your day was alright then you sit next to this person on the bus who starts complaining about how old the bus is, it didn't cross your mind before he started talking about it, after a while, you also start to agree and complaining too. Try to keep away from people like this.

5.      Breath

There is a connection between our breath and our emotions. Change of our breathing is as a result of our feelings. When we are concentrating, we tend to hold our breath, shallow and short when stressed. It is possible to change our feelings using our breath.

Ready to develop a positive attitude?

Try these 5 tips and you should start seeing results soon.

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