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Good Results with Positive Body Language

Being able to determine and identify the different body languages that people express either knowingly or unknowingly has its merits. But knowing how to properly and express positive body language at the right time and around the right people can deliver positive results.

Business Meetings: A lot of seasoned businessmen and professionals are adept when it comes to identifying and discerning the meaning of the body language of people they encounter. This helps them in properly displaying the best behavior to get the most optimal results when it comes to conducting their business with other people. Positive body language like a firm handshake tells the other person that you are a professional. In addition to this, putting yourself in an expansive position especially when conducting a presentation in front of an audience should give your audience the impression that you are confident. Making eye contact and not taking too long staring at one subject and gradually shifting from one listener to another encourages people to give their attention.Positive Body Language

Workplace: The thing is that your superior is not aware of your daily affairs which mean that the best way he or she can judge your performance is through the way you conduct yourself in the workplace. If he or she finds you slouching a lot on your desk and or stuttering whenever he tries to talk to you, you can expect that he or she will likely have a bad impression on you. Though this can stem from stress and or hard work, this can be taken as a sign of being disinterested at work and or laziness. The good news is that you can simply turn this around by leaning forward on your desk and having a straight back. Keep in mind not to sit stiff because this can still be translated as a pretentious characteristic which is bad. Have both your palms faced down on your lap whenever your superior talks to you and lean forward to his or her direction but not too much. This will give him or her the impression that you are attentive and focused on what is being discussed.

Dates: If you want the outcome of your date to be successful, one of the best ways to show your date that you are enjoying his or her company or that you are interested towards him or her is by occasionally mimicking his or her behavior. Be animated. When you are talking about a particular subject, you can try expressing your ideas through hand gestures. Also, do not forget to smile and look your date in the eye.

Positive body language does not simply end with smiling at people and shaking hands with them or embracing them when you see them. It requires effort on your part as well as awareness.

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