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Guide to Smart Body Language in the Conference Room

Teamwork of business peopleYou are one of the speakers in a management conference, workshop seminar or business meeting. You have done all the best preparations you can ever do. You’ve made an outline for your topic, done with your PowerPoint presentation, rehearsed your adlibs and everything you have to say.

You think you are 100% prepared? Actually, not yet. Have you considered the body language you are going to act when you are talking in front of your colleagues?

Body language is a big factor you should not forsake. To be successful in delivering your talk, you should also consider the factor of your body gesture. For your audience to better understand what you are saying, you must accompany it with proper body language to make it more effective and to make your listeners more attentive. Here are some body language tips you should observe while talking in a conference room.

  • Shake hands

Shaking hands with your colleagues before the business meeting starts is a good greeting. It is like you are telling them you are happy to see them attending the meeting or you looking forward for a positive business transaction with them soon. It also shows that you are friendly, approachable, and respectful.

  • Constant Eye Contact

Eye contact is an important body gesture to convey connection to your audience. Glancing to them once in a while means you are establishing connection to them. Through eye-to-eye contact, you can also read the reactions of your audience if they understand or interested in your presentation. Always looking downward or anywhere else means you are shy and not confident about what you are saying.

  • Good Facial Expression

A good facial expression plays a big role while throwing out your spills. A no-facial expression while explaining or talking makes you look like a robot. Facial expression like smiling once in a while is a good tool to engage and catch your audience’s interest. It invites good vibes too.

  • Good body posture

Good body posture in standing and sitting is another essential body language. Standing and sitting erect creates an impression of being confident and smart. Avoid extra movements like scratching your nose, fixing your hair, or too much wiping your face because it conveys a negative action. It shows your nervousness, your weariness, and may convey that you are not prepared with your talk. Avoid also putting your hands on your waist because it means you are proud or over confident.

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