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The Mentalizer’s 4 Steps To Manifesting Your Desires

Adam and Eve lived happily ever after in paradise; The Garden of Eden. In order for them to enjoy this perfect life, they had to obey only one command: God forbade them to eat from a certain tree in the Garden. One day a snake came to Eve and convinced her to seduce Adam with the forbidden fruit, which she did. Once Adam ate the fruit God punished them and threw them out of Paradise… Ever since that happened we are constantly trying to fulfill our desires and just be HAPPY. In a way, or a nice metaphor, we are trying to feel “back in paradise!”

The Mentalizer 4 ways to manifesting desires
Fighting the snake, but making our desires come to life! The Mentalizer 4 ways to manifesting desires.
Every single moment of our lives we are manifesting our reality. Some of us create worlds we absolutely love, our own little paradise, and we practically leap out of bed each day!  While others of us have created worlds we absolutely hate or have become lackluster about, like a living-hell, each day feels like Monday and all you want to do is hit the snooze button. No matter what group you fall into, the good news is that in this moment you can decide to turn it all around. Today, I am going to teach you how to use The Mentalizer's 4 Steps To Manifesting Your Desires and bring your soul back to the Garden of Eden!

Each and every thought we have gives off an energetic vibration that attracts things, people, and experiences into our lives that are vibrating on the same level. The Law of the Universe states that Like attracts Like. Whatever frequency our thoughts and feelings vibrate on will attract experiences, people, and things of the same energetic vibration. One of my heroes is Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. He knew a lot and his legend still echoes in my mind, until this very day… His favorite quote is:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

It's all about vibrations. Nicola Tesla
It's all about vibrations. Nikola Tesla

An example of this idea in action is as follows : Have you ever gone through a period where you felt “Murphy’s Law” was governing your life? (Murphy’s Law, in case you didn’t know, states that: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”)  For example: You wake up in the morning and first thing out of bed you stub your toe, then you nick yourself shaving and bleed on your favorite white shirt, then you accidentally knock your coffee all over your important paperwork, then you get in the car and there are nothing but red lights and you’re late for work, when you get to work you can’t find a parking spot and so on.  Basically you are manifesting on the vibration of  “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, thereby attracting those kinds of scenarios.

Similarly I am sure you have all gone through a period where you felt like “Everything is going my way!” You got the job offer you wanted, money is coming to you effortlessly, your body looks terrific, you feel terrific, and your love life is out of this world! You exude a confident energy of “Everything is going my way!” which in turn attracts amazing experiences and people into your life.

The basic principle behind Manifesting is this : THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

Therefore the things you pay the most attention to are the things we are basically asking the Universe to deliver to us. It is if we are making an Order to the Universe with our thoughts and in time we can expect it to deliver it to our doorstep. It is truly amazing! Once you get the knack of Manifesting you can use this Superpower to create amazing things in any area of your life that needs work. There is also a scientific explanation to all of this, and it is all based on a tiny little filter in our brain called the Reticulate Activating System, or in short: RAS. What this little filter is actually doing, is deciding for our mind what comes into our life and what stays out! Stay tuned and in the next few weeks we will have an article about this little filter as well, but in the meantime we will go back to our main subject: I have used Manifestation again and again in my life to create incredible things in my life from work opportunities to fulfilling relationships to vacations to my incredible success as a world-wide performer.  I have done so through the principles I will share with you below.

The Mentalizer's 4 Steps To Manifesting Your Desires:

1.   Clean Out Clutter: As most of my students know, this is one of the major components of successful living. When you are beginning to practice using Manifestation in your life it is of paramount importance that you begin by ridding the clutter from your mind and removing whatever blockages are standing in your way. Perhaps you are not spiritual or religious, but a good exercise is to pray or meditate that you be released from whatever limiting beliefs or unhealthy choices that are standing in the way of Manifesting your Desires.  If you are feeling worried, stressed or negative it is NOT a good time to begin Manifesting as you will likely attract those things. It is important that you get yourself in an abundant frame of mind. Sometimes you feel as if it's impossible to even start cleaning the mess in your mind. It's similar to entering your office and seeing tons of things scattered everywhere – on your table, on the floor, on shelves! – it feels as if you can't even start cleaning up the mess! But there's one tip for this: you gotta start somewhere. So you basically start slowly and gradually everything falls into place and it is getting decluttered. Do not despair, just START.

2.    Get Clear: Where Manifesting is concerned being Clear is essential. If you have vague thoughts, your results will be vague. When you get clear, your results come to you quicker. Make a list of what you want and all the things that go along with it. This list will help clarify your intentions as well as get a clear mental picture – the clearer the better. For example if you are looking for love a great way to attract the perfect partner is to sit down and write a list of all the qualities your partner will have but write it in the present tense, as if you ALREADY HAVE IT: “My girlfriend loves going with me to Broadway shows, we are so excited to share this experience with each other.“ or “My boyfriend loves to go running with me in Central Park every morning, we enjoy staying fit together.”

The key part of getting CLEAR is that you connect emotionally to the feeling associated with the experience. FEELING helps launch those dreams into vibrational reality. You can write lists until the cows come home and it will produce ZERO results if you don’t also FEEL emotionally connected to what you’re writing.  Practice FEELING how you will feel when you GET WHAT YOU WANT. Remember when you were a kid and you would fantasize about things, DO THAT!

3. Manifest Daily: It doesn’t matter where or when you do it, but manifestation works when you readily engage in it. You are constantly thinking, so you are constantly manifesting. Learn to Manifest as you go through your day. Think about what you desire, feel the feelings of getting what you want, and believe it is already on it’s way to you. Make time for Manifesting daily and it will soon become habitual to you. Do it in the morning on your drive to work, do it when you are on your run, do it even when you are cooking dinner. The important thing is just to do it! If you forget all of what I have said (though I hope you won’t) just remember: THINK IT, FEEL IT, BELIEVE IT!

4.     Relax: This part is so important to Manifesting. A lot of the time when we don’t immediately see the results of our Manifesting we feel discouraged and then start sending out negative thoughts such as “I am never going to get what I want” – well, the Universe like a Magic Genie will grant that wish and you will not get what you want. When I went to a Yeshiva to study Torah and other Jewish laws there was a saying: If you're being asked “How are you” and you reply “Not good” then God will be upset at you and show you what “NOT GOOD” actually means!!! But if you smile and say “It can't get better!!!” God will be happy with your gratitude and show you that in fact IT CAN GET BETTER! You see, it's all in your mind! So the key is after you have done all the hard work of Manifesting to relax and know that your desires are ALREADY on their way to you. From the Metaphysical perspective: If you believe it, then it is already here. The Universe works in its own timing and you cannot control the timing or the form it will appear in.

I remember at one time I made a Vision Board (a physical collage of all the dreams I wanted to manifest) I looked at it everyday and got excited about getting all those things. After a while I forgot about it, but amazingly I went back to it almost 2 years later and realized I had gotten much of what was on that board. My mind was blown! Trust that the Universe had a grand plan for your dreams and desires , so sit back, relax and watch the magic happen and unfold before you!

I hope you will use this simple 4 Step Guide to Manifest your Desires! Why wait? Start Manifesting them today – and just to make them clear and obvious – share at least one of them right now with us using the comment section below:

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