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Psychic Designs: Bending spoons or telling you about the future, both come easily for Ehud Segev. Nicknamed the ‘Mentalizer' while he was still a kid, Segev uses his mind to play tricks on his audience. “When people ask me how many people perform in my show, I tell them 100. Me and my audience,” this Broadway (yes, the one in New York) performer tells us.

Growing up in a small-town in Israel, Segev was always interested in the occult and supernatural. “I have been spiritual from a very early age,” he told us over the phone.

Growing up in a small-town in Israel , Segev was always interest in the occult and supernatural. “I have been spiritual from a very early age,” he told us over the phone.

After getting his first set of Tarot cards at just 12, he started to read for friends and neighbors. Perhaps, that's the reason that Segev had no doubt about what he was meant to be.

“I firmly believe that there is nothing called luck. Everything that a person does is predestined,” he told us.

What about reading the future. “Well, to tell you the truth, I don't think there is anyone who can predict the future. What I can do is use my mind and analyze current data (about a person, for example) and then make an informed guess about what is going to happen.”

So, if you were expecting a session of soothsaying when you turn up at Nasha on Wednesday or Thursday night for the ‘Black and White Unbelong Night with The Mentalizer' – this is how they bill the event.

“I believe in making everyone happy and more spiritual,” said Segev, who's ‘Mentalizer Kabbalah Show' has been running on Broadway since September. Now, we realize that the show will have a Kabbalah influence (the parts about becoming a more spiritual and better human being, he tells us), but what else can we expect? “It will be different; I'll make thoughts disappear from peoples mind”.

Just a word of advice, apart from what Segev told us about predicting the future, we'd like to tell you that he predicted the outcome of the India vs. Pakistan ODI correctly.

Bikramjit Ray

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