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I am a prince and this is MY legend

Here's a great video I saw a couple of weeks ago, I'm sure you didn't miss it:

“Oh yay! Oh yay! Oh yay!”

When I saw this video I wasn't sure if it was fake or real. It seemed like a scene from a Disney movie! But nay. But it inspired me to write this week's blog post. Have you ever thought what drove Picasso to paint with such passion and become the grand painter that he came to be? What inspired the World Champion Boxer, Muhammad Ali, to declare with such certainty, “I am the Greatest. I knew that before I was”? How did boy, raised by a single Mother, grow the ambition and guts to become the first African American President of the U.S. of A? And why on earth is it that so few DO while so many others are left only with their dreams and hopes?

Had the ambition and guts. President Barack Obama

A few weeks ago, a wee Blue-blooded prince was born.  Most of us were aware of this because it was all over the media and so we all paused to take a few moments out of our busy lives to look on and marvel. What is our fascination with Royalty, or with any of the rich and famous? Simple. We perceive these folks to be living lives more fascinating, more glamorous and more LEGENDARY than our own. How many of you have fantasized about living a life bigger and more Legendary than your own?

I know I have. I was the kid who was the day dreamer in Elementary School, and I knew from the time I was a child that I was meant to live my dreams. I would often fantasize about being a great actor in movies or on TV shows. I was fortunate enough to have two most encouraging parents. I never doubted that I would grow up to work in the field I loved and so I have. I have become a world known mentalist and I love every minute of it. To me, being able to do the work I love is the reward for all the years, hours of work I put into creating the opportunity to become who and what I am. It wasn’t easy. But it was SO worth it! One of the most famous stories, from my childhood, was when I was in kindergarten. The woman in charge, Rivka was her name, called my parents and told them I was deaf. Yes. Deaf. She said: “You must examine your sons' hearing because he doesn't hear when people are talking to him”…

The truth was that I heard ever word. But I was too busy wondering and daydreaming that I just didn't care about what the teacher had to say… You see, I would gaze at other people, and learn them. I slowly became who I am today by understanding the way people think and act. At the beginning I could tell when someone is happy or sad. Then I would know if they are healthy or ill… Slowly I could see actual thoughts running through their minds. I wasn't a mindreader but because I learned to read people so well I could sometimes ‘feel' what they were thinking. But many of you are on the journey of becoming Mentalizers just like me, because you've signed up to my program! So let's get back to living like a prince, or princess!

What does it mean to make your life Legendary? What did I mean when I wrote “I am a prince and this is MY legend”?
I'll tell you: let’s for a moment look at legends like Picasso, Muhammad Ali, Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, and Marlon Brando just to name a notable – and favorite – few.  Why is it that these people have their names and stories in history books, while so many others simply disappear? Is it because they are better than us?  The truth is NONE of these legends possess any magical quality that we don’t have. We all have the potential to be legends in our own life, exactly like them; They didn’t just dream and wish, they took action too!

You might argue, “Well, I take action in my life. I’m no lazy bum!” Of course, we all take action in our lives, but if you’re like most people, you take action towards the smaller goals while allowing the really big ones to be reached by others. To be honest: Most of us don't do even half of the stuff we wish for.

Believe it or not but you come into this world with a blueprint for a Legendary life. You come here with a destiny to change this world for the better. You have a mission. And this blueprint is as individual as our fingerprints.

This is magical. But reality sucks. Because most of us will never live their destiny. It is there for the taking, yet most people choose to remain in their comfort zone. Why? Because in order to access a Legendary life you must let go of the illusion of safety and being “ready” in order to pursue what makes your heart sing; the real reason you are here. Opportunities for living a Legendary life can bang on your door, but only for so long before it gets the message that you don't want MORE from your life and it moves on.


Do we really know what we are capable of?

A friend of mine used to be picked on as a kid for being the nerd that he was. By now he became a handsome, successful manager in a known firm.  He came to me one day, all excited and IN LOVE with one of his coworkers – a smart and beautiful woman. He said she was “The One”. I thought it was rather hasty but I could also see this woman was indeed special. It wasn't much later though that his doubts began to creep in about himself and he began to act quite insecure and doubtful and, all at once, he was sabotaging the relationship. His fears overtook him. She eventually had to break up with him with the excuse that he was no longer the same man she met. Unfortunately my friend couldn't see that with his own hands he ruined his love.

Our biggest dreams may scare us because we fear we might fail at them or that we are not good enough. So we wind up settling for less than we deserve, less than what we could have. The fear of failing is bigger then the hope to succeed. The truth is, if you allow fear to stand in your way, YOU become your biggest enemy. But if you can look your fears in the eye and not give them any power, YOU can become that hero that makes his dreams come true.

Take ME or leave it. Sylvester Stallone

Most of us have heard of Sylvester Stallone, star of the ROCKY movies and one of the biggest Movie Stars of our time. But what you might not know is that at one time he was a struggling actor who was homeless. At his lowest point, he couldn’t afford to feed his beloved dog so he sold man's best friend for $25 bucks to a stranger at a liquor store. A short time later he saw a fight between Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali, which gave him his inspiration to write ROCKY. Initially, he tried to sell the script and got an offer for $125,000. For most of us, we would have taken the money and run! But our soon-to-be-star had one demand; He wanted to star in his own film! The studio thought he “talked funny” and so, turned him down. They came back 2 more times with offers up to $325,000 but still Stalone refused. After several months, the studio finally conceded and gave him $35,000 to let him star in ROCKY. The film won Best Picture the following year at the Oscars. The rest, as they say, is history.


So what is YOUR legend?

What is that thing that stirs in your soul and excites you? A trip? A relationship? A job? That body or that feeling?
The truth is most of us falsely believe that we should settle for less. We must continuously try to reach our dreams. A Legendary life doesn't mean being someone else, or someone you admire, but being the real YOU and defining your own specialties. As human beings we’re meant to create, to grow and to become the most we can be in the brief time we are afforded.

Being born into this world is all about the many possibilities of building our legend. We are the authors of our books of life. We should put in the time and effort as well as the willingness to face the trials we will inevitably be faced with along the way. We should live a legendary life TODAY in this very minute.

  • Today you will start writing your legend. The book of legends
    Today you will start writing your legend. Book of legends

    A legendary life means that if you want something enough, you set your goals and intentions, and take action steps in order to make it happen!

  • A legendary life means being open to growth, change, and improving yourself so you can be more of yourself.
  • A legendary life means that you build the body, the health, the relationships, and the life you want, in addition to cultivating the qualities and talents you want to possess.
  • A legendary life means giving yourself the right and permission to be amazing and do what you were put on this earth to do, whatever that might be.
  • A legendary life means that you don’t let fear dictate your actions or stop you from reaching out towards your goals and recognizing fear maybe THE greatest step you'd make in that direction.
  • A legendary life means you enjoy your journey because you involve yourself in activities that you love to do.
  • A legendary life means that you understand that no other human being was born with something that you don’t also possess.

Living in greatness as we define it for ourselves, is something we are all capable of doing. Each and every one of us is capable of building a Legendary life. Whatever happens to us, whatever disappointments and heartaches, we will continue to push forward toward our very own Legend. Even when people or events get in the way – we shall continue to dream big. Even if people turn us down, or turn us away, we continue to look for our next opportunity to become US.

The bottom line is: No one knows what we are capable of except ourselves!
WE get to decide.
We must never give up!

What is your legend??? Share it with us bellow:

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