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Ways Body Language Can Help You Convey Power at Work

Body language plays a big role in sending a message and conveying an expression. Did you know that approximately 55% of expressing a message comes from the body language and only 45% comes from verbal expression?

Together we can work the bestIt’s a big fact most of us do not know. Many are not aware that body language has a bigger impact in showing communication than verbal. Thus, many are careless in their moves in communicating because they believe verbal communication is more effective.

Of course, everyone wants to look confident in school, social places, and most especially at work. The following are some basics about body language that will definitely help you to enhance your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Smile

Smiling is a very powerful and most effective message one could ever express. A smile conveys a positive aura and invites positive vibes. It boosts confidence because your brain sets you in a happy mood. It also conveys an approachable and friendly outlook. But be conscious on the way you smile because you might be caught with a fake smile. A fake smile is grinning without the coordination of the eyes. It’s like the eyes are static while the lips are smiling. A true smile goes through with the eyes. It projects a cheerful greeting or a simple message to express “I’m glad to see you” without even saying a word.

  • Eye contact

Having an eye-to-eye contact with the person you are talking to convey a confident outlook. When you can do an eye-to-eye contact to the one are communicating with, means you are confident and you are not shy to talk to him. When you are looking down or looking anywhere else or looking away, it means you have a low self-esteem. Try to have a direct eye contact to show you are interested and listening.

  • Good posture

Confidence and power can be easily seen on the posture of a person. The way he/she stands, sits, and moves indicate certain messages.

If a person is slouching means he is shy and tries to hide himself. When you are standing, standing with only one leg (meaning all your weight is only carried by one leg) conveys a careless, tired, uninterested, inattentive or lifeless outlook. To project confidence, stand straight to show that you are active and alert. When you are sitting, sit erect when needed or lean forward towards the person you are talking to show interest. Do not cross your legs. Do not clasp your arms because it projects boastfulness.

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