Friday , 24 May 2024
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Why book a mentalist for your next corporate event or party?

A mentalist is one of the most unique forms of entertainment these days combining altogether a wonderful corporate experience of fun, laughter, magic and astonishment. A corporate entertainer who performs mentalism in your next event will be sure to make your party unforgettable, entertaining and really different.

A few years ago corporate event planners used to book magicians, or stand-up comedians to perform and entertain in their events. But lately, thanks to the immense publicity the art of mentalism receives, a mentalist became the best idea for a corporate event.

Have you seen TV shows such as “The Mentalist” on CBS, or “Phenomenon” on NBC? Networks world-wide have decided that mentalism is definitely the next thing in fun, entertainment and most of all – RATING! So if you'd like to book the best corporate entertainer for your upcoming event, make sure it'll be a mentalist. Keep in mind you want your mentalist to be a top notch performer, with sustained resume and reputation. Make sure your mentalist performed on TV shows around the world, and appeared on stages in big theaters. The mentalist Ehud Segev, aka The Mentalizer, is a world renowned corporate entertainer and performer who will answer EXACTLY this demand. But if you feel like Segev might be a bit out of your budget you are still welcome to inquire about corporate entertainers with less reputation who will fit into your budget. Mentalizer, Corp knows SO MUCH about corporate events that we are ready to help you find the right performer for you.

Contact The Mentalist for more information and to answer all your questions regarding mentalism in your next corporate event.

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