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The Art of Charm – Body Language Tips for Men


Ever wonder why some guys are just so magnetic to girls? I might be wrong, but most women-magnets are men who have mastered the art of body language.

Gone are those days when buying drinks ruled the social scene. Good looks help, certainly, but that’s not all it takes. Women are looking for that alpha male who has a distinctive personality that encompasses charisma, a great sense of humor, and good manners. Lucky for you, flirting through body language happens to be an incredibly powerful and fast way to attract a woman. This article highlights a listing of top body language tips that you can make to make women attracted to you.

1.      The Power of Touch

This is an incredible way to flirt with a girl you like. However, you have to do it right otherwise you might end up pushing her away. The point is to start with quick, playful taps. Keep it light and casual. From there, you can slowly increase the length of time of your touch to make it more intimate. For instance, if you want to flirt with a girl you just met, you can start by using the back of your hand to tap her around the upper elbow area. You may also use your hands inside to tap her shoulder, upper arm or back. Gradual escalation works in that it makes the girl comfortable being around you. It also shows her that you’re comfortable. Since you do not make your hand linger for long enough, you show her that you’re in control so that she’s left wanting more. With time, she’ll probably be chasing you for more.

2.      Be Playful

Playfulness is the name of the flirting game. If you make the going too easy for the girl, she’ll end up getting bored. To get a girl interested in you, use a technique called ‘push-pull’. This is a strategy whereby you demonstrate a little bit of interest, then push her away playfully. For instance, if you just met a lovely girl that you want to attract to you, you could just say something along the lines of ‘you’re utterly awesome, you’re like my little sister’. While the first part of this sentence shows the girl that you’re interested in her, the second part throws her a little bit. So she’s not quite sure. You keep her guessing this way and she’ll stay engaged.

3.      Natural Behavior

You can’t keep on memorizing certain phrases or actions in order to be a flirting pro. It’s more about a specific mindset. Once you’ve got the proper frame of mind, things will happen quite naturally. This mindset is quite simple to attain. To start with, assume that the girl you want is already interested in you, that she’s already trying to get to you. View yourself as being perfect – the best thing available out there that can happen to her. Well, this doesn’t mean you need to be arrogant. It’s just about viewing yourself as desirable and top-value. From this point, you want to have fun while enjoying the idea that girls are naturally attracted to you.

4.      Give a Nickname

Simply give the girl you’re talking to a nickname. This makes things playful and light, and at the same time escalates it to a more personal level. Nicknames are commonly used by people who feel comfortable around each other, so it’s a surefire way to cultivate comfort and make things fun right from the word go. Have it in mind also that you want to experiment with different nicknames. Don’t go calling any girl who comes your way ‘dimple’ or ‘muffin’. Personalize the nickname to her best features, impressive behavior, etc. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

These easy flirting and body language tips are a great way to make women attracted to you. It doesn’t matter how good looking or bad looking you think you are. Just get the right mindset and make things easy and playful by applying these techniques.

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