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Seeing is Believing: Vision Boards for Smarties

your own board
Start creating your own Vision Board. The fastest way to a new future.

A few years ago, I had an inspiring experience with visualization that I’d like to share with you all today…
I enjoy painting very much, and one day I had the strong desire to create something new but didn’t have any idea what I’d like to paint. So, in order to gather some inspiration and motivation, I pulled out a pile of magazines and began to flip through them. I tore out a few photographs that spoke to me – particularly one of a very attractive actress I had never seen before. I decided I would paint her picture because I was so taken with the beauty of this woman. I focused very intensely on this image for the few weeks it took for me to complete the painting. During that time, I often imagined myself having a conversation with this beautiful girl. I painted every detail of her with great love and emotion. When I was finished with the painting, I got a call out of the blue from my agent asking me to go to Canada to perform for a large crowd in Ontario.

The whole flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto, and during the connecting flight to Ontario, I was thinking how proud I was of my completed painting as well as the beautiful woman I sketched. When I got to Canada and had my show I was asked to go out to dinner with my agents and some of their friends. Lo and behold when I arrived at the dinner, I was seated next to that very actress who I had painted! I was shocked and amazed and absolutely certain that Visualization works as a powerful component of the law of attraction.

I share this story with you because as you go out to achieve your dreams, I believe you should use the tools at your disposal to help them happen quicker. Remember, The Universe likes speed and utilizing Visualization is like the freight train going express on the road to your dreams.
Our brain doesn't know the difference between imagined experiences or REAL experiences. Our filters try to bring to us more of what we focus on. Now, I can almost hear some of you saying: “But Ehud, we can' paint!”, but don't you worry – there is a simpler way for everyone to achieve the same results, and that is through using a Vision Board.

Below I am going to give you the User Friendly guide on how to build the most powerful Vision Board to help you train your brain to focus on Visualizing the life you want to live!

You think you're multitasking? Think again. Dr. Earl Miller

Make a date: Make a date to create your vision board. In our hectic multi-tasking busy lives, we often don’t take or make the time to focus exclusively on any one thing. We sometimes flit between tasks, and our mind focus and emotions are scattered by doing too many things at once. Studies by Dr. Earl Miller, a world-renowned neuroscientist from MIT had shown that multitasking is a myth. We are actually just toggling between tasks at amazing speeds. Nevertheless, understanding this can help us determine to concentrate on ONE THING AT A TIME! So here's the primary thing we do: we make a date to create our vision board and we literally power off our devices, and pretend we are going on a first date with the task of creating our first Vision Board. Agreed?

Enjoy it! For most of us, it’s been a long time since we sat down with a pair of scissors and worked on a project, but guys this is a fun one, so ENJOY IT!! The more you feel good doing something, the greater the power of your Vision Board.

THE FUN PART! Get a stack of magazines or print off a bunch of photographs from the Internet. Look for photos that portray and capture the life you want to have from the way you want to feel, the partner you’d like to have, the job-title you’d like to maintain, the body you crave and the home you want to live in, etc. You don’t have to limit yourself to photographs you can also include Anchor words like “Love, Wealth, Abundance, Happiness, Health, Fit, Paris, London, World Traveler” and so on. Find photos of yourself and place them on the board as well, but make sure they are from a period of your life when you were happy. Then place all these images on the board. Again remember to enjoy this process!! You are basically building the fantastic life you will one day be living on your Vision Board – how FUN is that?

How to Use Your Board: You are going to want to place your finished Vision Board in a place you will see it every single day. Spend a few minutes daily, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, focusing on your Vision Board and visualizing what it would be like to achieve and have all these things, feel the feelings of having them already and finally use gratitude to help them manifest quicker. Say, “Thank You!” for the Universe having brought all these wonderful things into your life. Our brain will not be able to tell the difference between reality and fiction, and it will open us up immediately to the possibilities!

Watch It Work: Part of the fun of Vision Boards is when the things on it begin to appear in your life, because it feels like a kind of magic. It isn’t magic; it is the power of your mind drawing the things you want to you. As the famous Rumi quote goes “What you SEEK is SEEKING you.”
By placing your mind’s focus on the images on your board, you are placing an energetic charge on them and drawing them consciously and subconsciously to you!

Be grateful and watch the power of your Vision Board work for you!

Now, tell us what will be the first picture you will paste on your board – share it with us in the comment section below!

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