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The Mentalist Mystic Mission

At 12 he borrowed a complete shelf of books on mysticism and spiritualism from the library. At 13, everybody recognized him, but no one knew his real name. When he was 19, he predicted the results of the elections for the mayor's post in Israel and proved right.

Mentalist Ehud Segev, popularly known as “The Mentalizer” in Israel displayed his “unbelong” abilities in the capital. And his extraordinary show of what he calls a “combination of magic, spirituality and abilities” undoubtedly left the audience mystified. From bending spoons without any force to flying credit cards, he did it all.

India as a country has always fascinated him. “India is full of mysticism and the people spiritual,” said he.

Segev's first experience with mysticism was as a young boy when he started to believe that he could see and feel a powerful energy emenating from tarot cards and begged his parents to buy them for him. Following his first TV appearance at 16, the mentalizer set out to perform the biggest seance in history for national broadcast three years later.

“Today people allow money to rule them and they have become its slaves. Through my shows, I want to make them feel that the world is not about materialistic things, but love and humility,” the mentalist asserted.

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