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What Does Your Handwriting Reveal About Yourself

banner handwritting 13.10.15People have always wondered how much your handwriting tells about you; your habits, your moods, attitude and disposition. But before we delve into handwriting recognition, it pays to know and understand non verbal communication.

Writing a letterThey say you can learn a lot about a person even before you get to talk to him face to face. When it comes to the basic concepts of communication, it generally falls into the category of verbal or non-verbal communication.

Verbal communication consists of everything that you convey using words and sounds, while non-verbal communication can be mostly associated with what we normally refer to as ‘body language.’ And your handwriting is the perfect medium where the verbal (words) and the non verbal (handwriting pattern) comes into play. This is why I prefer it when students don't use a word to page converter and expose their handwriting to me, it is so much more rich in human experience this way. Not that there's anything wrong with converters.

Once you get to understand how writing patterns and tendencies work, you may have a faint idea of what the person is like.

With cursive writing for example:

  1. Slants: It is said that if your handwriting slants to the right, you are the social type and you love to go out and meet with other people. When your writing slants left, you’re a bit introverted and are the kind of a person who likes to stay behind the scenes. However, a person whose writing does not slant may mean that that person is stable and logical.
  2. Size: As with slants, the size of your handwriting also says a lot about you. Writing in large letters show that a person enjoys attention. This has been a recognizable trait in most celebrities. On the other hand, small handwriting suggests the opposite where you are often shy and introspective, but can also mean you are very focused. A ‘normal’ sized handwriting lies in between the two and is a sign that you are easily adaptable to any situation.
  3. Spacing: this pertains to the spacing between your words; wide spaces indicate a love of freedom and open spaces, and you detest the feeling of being crowded and overwhelmed, while narrow spaces indicate a desire to be with other people and that you don’t like the feeling of being alone.
  4. Pressure: apparently, how hard you press down while writing also says something about you. When you write heavily, you are actually trying to convey that you are good with commitments, however if you press down too hard this may signify that you are overly sensitive and uptight. A light touch shows you are conscious and sensitive about other people’s feelings.

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