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The Basics Of Mentalism

A lot of people get the impression that mentalism is some sort of magic that people learn to do and apply when they are making stage performances. However, the truth is that it does not involve anything associated with lighting candles and or drawing arcane symbols and summoning entities from other planes to help you accomplish your supposedly magical performance. Contrary to popular belief, the trick behind it is basically scientific. To be specific, it is mostly psychological in origin. Mentalism is all about understanding a person’s body language and being able to predict their possible behavior and reactions based on what you are doing and making it appear that you are reading their minds. So what are some of the things that you need to take into account if you want to learn the basics?

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA· Lips: The professional will often ask people to think of a word or item and repeat it over and over again. While the people are doing this, the professional will inconspicuously observe the audience, singling out those who are subconsciously muttering the word under their breath. The professional should be keen and observant so he or she would be able to guess what word a particular audience was thinking of.

· Misdirection: This is basically planting a thought in a subject’s mind without them noticing it. This is done by conversing to the person and consistently mentioning a particular keyword that you want them to think about or focus on and then at the same time, focus your attention on that particular keyword to the point that they can clearly see you doing it without them noticing that they are noticing you and the object you are focusing on in the first place. A good example would be inserting the word “glass” in the conversation while at the same time, moving your fingers subtlety on the glass’s rim. And then later on, telling them that you can guess what particular word or object they are thinking of. The subject would be surprised that you will be able to guess it accurately.

· Ask: The best way for you to be able to psychologically predict how a person’s going to behave is by getting to know them more and asking them various questions can help you figure them out. Try asking for their profession, their college degree, their hobbies and anything that might be useful in getting to know them. Also, when asking a question, try to start with a leading question, or an assuming tone so if that whatever the audience’s response is, you can always agree and make it sound that you are able to read their minds. Lines like “I imagine that you are….” Are good starters and if the subject denies, you can always follow it up with statements like “I figured because….” And then your fall back would be logically explaining why you were able to guess it correctly.

These are the basics of mentalism and with practice; you can become an expert in this science.

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