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The Mentalist Ehud On The Prowl With Cat Greenleaf

Ehud’s On the Prowl

The Mentalizer, Mr. Ehud Segev the mentalist was recently interviewed by none other than Cat Greenleaf. Cat has been working as a reporter for WNBC, and also hosts programs with “The Travel Channel”.

“On the Prowl”, which is one of Cat’s well-known shows, has Ehud under the glare of lens, with lots of questions being shot which he does answer to full satisfaction. I did search the word “Mentalizer”, in the dictionary, only to be disappointed not to find it, and soon to bemused by Ehud’s answer to Cat’s question, “What is the mentalizer?”. To which, Ehud says it’s a combination of two words, “mental” and “analyzer”, something which is well-thought off, and well created. Ehud’s fascinating creativity and passion might add a new word to the dictionary, a new meaning to a world filled with stress and chaos, which might be an opening door for many who watch him perform, which could be an inspiration to derive some new ways to learn the hidden connection between the restless mind and happiness of the soul.

Ehud’s Connection

Ehud further says he is trying to promote “connection” through everything he does. He wants to prove through his psychic abilities either by bending a spoon or flying credit cards or mind reading (which is what he says we would be seeing in his shows) and much more associated with the occult. But Ehud very strongly believes, and affirms that we all are connected very deeply. Cat inquisitively asks, “How are we connected?” and Ehud demonstrates an example by requesting her to close her eyes. Ehud touches his nose, and asks her where he touched her, to which her answer was the nose. Ehud tickles under his chin, as Cat feels sensation of the tickle on herself, and Ehud affirms he never touched her.

Mr. Ehud just touches and reaches out to the world with the magic of energy, only to prove what lies beneath the matter that we see is a feeling, a connection, and a vibration that we consciously or unconsciously share and spread out. And, how does this happen? Go and watch him for yourself!

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