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Body Language Secrets

What Does Your Voice Tell the Other Person Over the Phone

Communicating in person and over the phone are two very different crafts. Once you pick up the phone, your body language does not have any value any more, while your tone, pitch, speed and choice of words now shoot up in value. With your voice, people you talk over the phone can immediately pick up your mood within a few …

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Body Language Fact: Everyone Can Read Minds

Almost everyone thinks that mind reading is a trick that can't be true. Most of the time, people associate it with magic, deception, and set ups. However, this is not the real case – everyone can read minds. Essentially, anyone can read minds. By being empathic about a person, we can get a look on how a person sees the …

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How People Judge You On Your First Encounter

They say first impressions last. This means that you should always look your best and dress your best when you go on meetings, parties, or in public. One's body language and clothing may tip off people about who you are, what you do, and your values just by looking at you. Upon seeing you, people already make first impressions. Do …

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5 Tell-tale Signs of a Nervous Person

Mastering and reading body language is an extremely important skill to have in our daily interactions. Knowing how to read body language is crucial in certain situations. In specific, learning how to read body language is necessary to tell if someone is nervous.Here are some signs of a nervous person:General signsA closed or defensive stance may indicate one is nervous. …

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Head Tilt – What Does Each Movement Really Mean

The head can be a huge factor in one’s nonverbal communication skills. These following tips will be helpful for those seeking to improve their body language skills: Lowered Lowering one’s head signifies defense. A lowered head covers ones neck and chin, resulting in a defensive stance against external threats. A lowered head also signifies a sign of submission or defeat; …

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How Do Optical Illusions Trick Our Minds

Optical illusions are images perceived by the eye which differ from reality. Usually, optical illusions happen when information is processed in the brain that does not match with the physical representation of the object. There are three main types of optical illusions: literal optical illusions, physiological illusions, and pathological illusions. Literal optical illusions – Optical illusions that create images which are …

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Body Language: What Causes Fear and How to Control It

Fear is not caused by ghosts, spirits, or even harmful and painful events. Apparently, it's caused by a small organ in our brain called the amygdala. This small organ triggers certain emotions and reactions depending on the stimuli one experiences. A Survival Mechanism The amygdala, an organ that sends signals to trigger certain emotions from the brain, has been wired …

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Body Language Tips and Tricks: Reading Microexpressions

It is very useful if you know how to read people’s emotions. It’s very important that you can be aware of how others are feeling especially if you’re talking to them directly. You can easily avoid having to say something that would change someone’s mood into a bad mood. In order to be good at reading people’s emotions, you have …

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The Power of Your Voice and Tips to Make the Most Out of It

Your voice plays a crucial role in engaging and captivating your audience. No matter how good your choice of words is, your voice will still be the main factor in leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Here are some tips to maximize the use of your voice. Tone Speaking in a regular, monotonous tone, without any variations in the tone, …

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Activities that will Help You Gain Confidence

Not everyone is blessed with self-confidence. There are those who are smart and knowledgeable enough but could express because they are afraid or shy to say so. Due to the lack of self confidence, they do not want to be spotted in a spotlight or exposed to the crowd. They always want to stay in their comfort zone wherein no …

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