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Body Language Secrets

How To Communicate With Body Language

A lot of experts claim that the words that people say towards one another only accounts less than 10 percent of the message that they actually want to convey, while body language accounts more than that percentage. Though this may be true, it does not always necessarily apply all the time. Regardless, it is advantageous if you are aware of …

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5 Secrets Of Body Language That Every Entrepreneur Should Understand

A lot of people take the idea of body language for granted. The thing is that being aware of the different body languages and knowing how to read and interpret them can make a big difference especially when it comes to business. If you are an entrepreneur and you aspire to be successful in your business then you should keep …

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Body Language in Business

Body language plays an important role in people’s lives. While every person you see with their arms crossed on their chest are not always upset or defensive, being able to spot and identify the different body languages in the office can give you the leverage you need in getting that much desired promotion or support from your supervisor or workmates. …

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Reading Your Date’s Body Language On Christmas Eve

One of the things that can make your Christmas Eve memorable is by being with someone who you deem special. However, would it not be better if you are able to ascertain if your date for Christmas Eve is at least as interested at you as you are to him or her? The good news is that it is possible …

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Body Language Tips for the Office Party

Office parties are great because this allows people in the company to relax and get the opportunity to get to know the people whom they work with. However, this does not mean that you should be taking it easy to the point that you are going to vent out all your frustrations regarding the workplace, nor start flirting with your …

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How To Voice Your Opinion In A Soft And Polite Tone

Each and everyone of us have our own opinions with regard to everything around us. However, knowing how to state your opinion properly can make a big difference especially if you want to obtain the favor of the majority of your audience. Realize that if you state your opinion in the wrong manner, people will no longer be receptive to you in the …

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The Body Language of Crossing Your Arms

Body language continues to be an intriguing topic and for a good reason. Body language can say a lot about what a person is expressing as opposed to what he or she is saying. Being conscious and knowing how to properly express the correct body language can improve your relationships with the people around you. However, there is one particular body …

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Powerful Methods To Correct Bad Body Language

Not everyone is adept when it comes to executing the perfect body language to win their boss’ or neighbor’s good side. Below are bad body language and tips on how to correct them. Avoiding Eye Contact This communicates lack of self confidence and discomfort and the easiest way to rectify this is of course, to start making eye contact with …

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Body Language Secrets All Men Should Know

Body language is more than simply leaning forward to show interest or taking an expansive posture. Sit/Stand Shoulder to Shoulder One way to calm down someone who is irate in person or someone whom you offended because you bumped onto them is to sit or stand shoulder to shoulder to them while facing the same direction. If you are going …

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How Your Body Language Alters The State Of Your Mind

Researchers have observed that animals have their own unique way of influencing other animals around them through their physiology. An example would be a king cobra. It raises its hood and stands upright in order to ward off predators who may try to threaten it. Skunks on the other hand release an unpleasant smell to keep away possible predators and …

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