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Body Language Secrets

Confident Body Language

Not everyone is born confident and the fact is that there are people who may sound and appear confident but are actually not confident. These are the people who know how important expressing and exuding an aura of confidence is. You may be knowledgeable when it comes to a particular subject but if your audience senses that you are not …

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Common Gestures and Signs of Aggressive Body Language

The third sub-category of the message cluster aggressive body language focuses more on subtle gestures as oppose to more visible general movements or postures. As what was discussed with the previous aggressive body language subjects, there are three sub-categories of the aggressive body language and the third one, referred to as “Gestures”, are actually made up of a lot of …

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Aggressive Body Language Secret: Invasion

We had just recently talked about message clusters; clusters or a group of body language which translates to the general disposition of an individual and how efficient and effective it is to view and categorize a person’s general behavior by observing the overall posture and behavior of a person. In addition, we also have delved a bit on one of …

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Message Clusters: The Aggressive Body

Now that you are already familiar with most of the different body languages that different people exhibit, being able to deduce a person’s current mental and emotional state in a short period of time just by simply looking at his or her general posture is more efficient. Time is of the essence and not all people will continue to display …

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Understanding Hair Body Language

The way a person wears his or her hair or keeps it can be a basis as to what the person’s general emotional or mental condition is at the moment. While hair itself does not move on its own, people tend to do a lot of things toward their hair and even those who neglect it express a specific mood …

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Body Language Secret: How to Spot a Bored Person

This is another message cluster that you should learn especially if you want to know if the one you are dating is enjoying your company or is bored hearing you talk. There are three languages of boredom; distraction, repetition, and tiredness and there are two main reasons for a person to be bored which could fall either on one of …

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Learn Body Language: What’s with the Nose?

Like the other parts of the human body, the nose can be observed for specific gestures that can give you an idea of what a person is experiencing at a certain moment. Some of the most common reactions the nose exhibits that you should carefully take note of are: Flared: If you see someone coming towards your direction with his …

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Body Language Secrets: Neck Movement

People’s necks or specifically, the movement of people’s necks can also be used to try to figure out the current emotional and mental mindset of a person. Like with other body languages, the neck has a couple of movements that you may want to observe and understand. Hiding: When people are threatened, they tend to move their chin down as …

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Learn Body Language: All About Fingers

This is perhaps one of the most commonly used parts of the body when it comes to expressing yourself in a subtle manner and I am pretty sure that you are already well-aware of this. Below are some finger body languages that you may or may have not encountered in your daily experiences. Pointing: The most common finger body language …

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Body Language Secrets: Message Clusters

While closely observing how a person’s hands move or where his or her toes are pointed will help you figure out what he or she might be thinking, grouping these gestures into clusters will make it easier for you to tell what general mood or mindset a person is without taking too much time. Body language comes in groups of …

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