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Body Language Secrets

Body Language Secrets: Meaning of Leg Movements

Like with other body parts, the legs play an important role for the human body and serves as the human body’s mode of transportation to other places and in performing feats that require the legs’ contribution.. But did you know that the legs are also a means for a person to convey his or her message in a subtle manner? …

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Learn Forehead Body Language

Another interesting subject to delve in when it comes to various body language topics is the forehead body language. The truth is that being intimately familiar with the different forehead body language will help you a lot when it comes to trying to read what a person is feeling or thinking as of the moment. Being able to take notice …

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Face Body Language Secrets

When was the last time that you were able to confidently read what someone was thinking in a given moment simply by observing how he or she behaved? How does it feel to know that your read was accurate? And you were able to positively influence the outcome of a business meeting because you were paying attention to how people …

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Body Language Secrets: Reading Foot Movement

Welcome back to another interesting body language session! Were you able to enjoy our last body language subject? Today, we are going to focus on another inconspicuous body part when it comes to the art of body language; the foot. You are probably thinking that this is already going overboard but truth be told that yes, the foot has its …

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Reading Body Language During Business Meetings

Being able to spot and interpret the meaning behind people’s body language can help you interact better with people especially when it comes to the workplace. The fact is that even if you are someone who just wants to finish his or her work without much concern in your environment, it is necessary for you to at least have a …

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Body Language: About Your Shoulders

Your shoulders speak a lot about you. What does every movement mean? Read on… You might be wondering about the authenticity of what you are reading right now but yes, you read it right; observing how people’s shoulders move can give you an idea if they are in a bad mood or they are interested in hearing your business proposals. …

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How Body Language Can Make You A Better Leader

Being aware of your body language and the body language of people around you is paramount when it comes to establishing rapport and a healthy business relationship. At the same time, being able to efficiently express the correct body language at the right time can potentially help you become an effective and better leader. If you are someone who is …

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Understanding Head Body Language

Did you know that the way a person’s head moves or is positioned also says something about what he or she is feeling or thinking in a given moment? The concept of head body language is as factual as with other body languages and observing the way a person moves his or head can help you figure out if a date’s interested …

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Body Language Tips: How to Know if Your Boss Hates

While being someone who does not care about what other people think and say is nice, there are place wherein what people would think or say to you should be given due consideration. And there is no other place that requires this as much as the workplace. This holds firmly true especially if you are aspiring to climb up the …

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Body Language Tips for Effective Lip Reading

If you want to be on top of your body language reading class then one of the skills that you need to polish up is your lip reading. Yes, lip reading is also another means to determine someone’s motive or intentions though these can be a challenge especially if it is your first time actively developing it. Here are some …

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